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What does efficiency do in Minecraft? answered


A guide to understanding what efficiency does in Minecraft.

Minecraft has a surprisingly rich array of crafting mechanics outside of the typical building blocks of bases and fortifications. Besides crafting tools and weapons, you can also enchant these weapons and tools. For example, apply the Flame enchantment to arrows to turn them into fire arrows. Another useful and powerful enchantment is Efficiency. With this guide, let’s go over it which causes efficiency in Minecraft and why it is so helpful.

What does efficiency do in Minecraft? answered

Plain and simple, efficiency speeds up how fast tools mine blocks in Minecraft, the higher the speed the stronger the enchantment. For example, a wooden ax enchanted with Efficiency II will chop wood much faster than a wooden ax with Efficiency I. However, Efficiency can only be applied to certain tools, such as:

  • Axles
  • Chop
  • sheer
  • shovels
  • pickaxes

Another effect Efficiency has on Axes specifically is increasing an ax’s effectiveness against disabling shields. The stronger the efficiency enchantment, the higher the chances. In this sense, efficiency becomes equally useful for PvP.

How to enchant tools with efficiency

Image source: Mojang

Unfortunately, enchanting your tools with efficiency takes a lot of luck. Whenever you enchant items, it is completely random. You are just as likely to gain Efficiency as you are to Repair the enchantment. But as long as you have an adorable table and bookshelves, you’re good to go. To craft an enchantment table, you need four obsidian, two diamonds, and a book.

  1. Craft an enchanting table.

    This requires four obsidian, two diamonds, and a book. Place Obsidian along the bottom row, plus one in the middle. A diamond on the left and right. Place the book directly in the middle slot of the top row.

  2. Craft 15 bookshelves.

    Place three wooden planks (of any kind or mix) along the top and bottom rows, then a row of books in the middle. Bookshelves around an enchantment table increase the enchantment level.

  3. Acquire at least 3 Lapis Lazuli and XP.

    You need to trade Lapis Lazuli and XP to enchant items.

  4. Place a tool in the left box and lapis lazuli in the other box.

    You can always choose to use a book to save the enchantment for later. When you do this, you combine a tool and the book in an anvil instead of using an enchantment table.

  5. Pick a glyph and hope it charms your tool with efficiency.

That being said, you might get lucky and find enchanted items with efficiency while killing mobs, chests, the End City, looters and defenders, and even fishing. This also applies to enchanted books.

And with that, we close the book with a simple but important question: What does efficiency do in Minecraft? It’s arguably one of the best enchantments in the game. Of course, if you know how to enchant tools with efficiency, you should also know how to disenchant items. For combat, check out Sweeping Edge’s enchantment.

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