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What do you get for Rs 1,000 a day?

Truke BTG Beta Review: What do you get for Rs 1,000 a day?

In India, the demand for gaming headphones is increasing. Online gaming revenue in India reportedly grew 28% from $906 million in 2019 to $1.3 billion in 2021. Recently, Truke launched the BTG (Born To Game) Beta earphones, a German Audio brand but made in India, released in India. The audio device, as its name suggests, claims that its True Gaming Mode, which offers the industry’s best ultra-low latency of less than 40ms, would provide the best gaming experience. These TWS gaming earbuds are budget-friendly, priced at Rs 999. They come with dual MEMS microphones, 13mm drivers, AAC codec support, up to 38 hours of battery life, and quick one-step pairing. Are the TWS worth the price? Let’s find out in the review below.

Truke BTG Beta Review: Design

The small charging case for the Truke BTG Beta is included in the scope of delivery. They have a level jane, simple design and traditional black body. In addition, Truke BTG Beta is available in different colors. A white version is also an option for gamers. With the Truke logo on the front, the case is made entirely of high quality plastic and has a matte black finish. An LED indicator, located below the Truke branding, lets you know how the charging case and headphones are doing. The bottom of the charging box is flat so that it can stand upright on a flat surface.

At the bottom there is a USB-C port for charging the charging case. A USB-C cable was included by Truke. The case is portable and lightweight, making it easy to carry. There are no buttons on the charging case for the Truke BTG Beta earphones. By simply opening the case, it starts looking for a device to pair with. In addition, the matte finish helps hide scratches.

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If you lift the lid of the case, you will see that the earbuds are securely inserted into their respective slots. It is marked with the words Left and Right. If you lift the lid of the case, you will see that the earbuds are securely inserted into their respective slots. It is marked with the words Left and Right. The case comes with built-in magnets to keep the headphones in place.

Speaking of earbuds, they’re extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear, offering a secure, comfortable fit that makes them ideal for prolonged use. They have a two-tone appearance. The inner part has a glossy finish while the upper part, which bears the Truke logo, has a matte finish. The responsive touch sensors in both earbuds allow you to switch between tracks, accept or reject voice calls and activate the voice assistant.

The touch sensors are behind the LED indicators, which turn red while you leave them in the case to indicate they’re charging. The LED indicator turns green when fully charged.

The earphones are IPX4 certified and offer protection against water and dust. They are therefore perfect for use during training or sports such as running.

Truke BTG Beta Review: Performance

The Truke BTG Beta connects to your device when you open the lid of the case. You have the option to turn off the earbuds manually and turn them off automatically when you put them back in the charging case. The headphones can be turned off by pressing and holding the button on either earbud for five seconds.

Although the earbuds are touch-sensitive, we’ve had no issues with them and they’re efficient. Unfortunately, there is no volume control on these earbuds. This means that the touch sensors on the earbuds cannot be used to change the volume. You must use a linked device to control the volume.

The 13mm titanium drivers in the Truke BTG Beta earbuds are a nice touch. They also support the AAC codec. You can select “Use high quality audio” in the Bluetooth options. The earbuds are set to the SBC codec by default as this option is disabled. AAC codec will be enabled after you enable this feature.

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The Truke BTG Beta earphones support the latest Bluetooth 5.3 version and have a wireless range of around 10 meters in terms of connectivity. It only takes a few seconds to reconnect to the previously paired device and the connection is instant as they allow quick, one-step pairing. Even before you take the earbuds out of the case, they will automatically pair with the next previously connected device as soon as the case lid is opened.

Due to the lack of dual pairing feature, you cannot use these earbuds with two devices at the same time. The Google Assistant and Apple’s voice assistant Siri are also supported by the earphones. Double-tap one of the earbuds to turn it on. Voice support is also effective.

The earbuds feature dual MEMS microphones, one on each earbud, and Deep Neural Network Call Noise Cancellation technology that uses AI to precisely pick up sound waves. The AI-powered noise cancellation works flawlessly.

The 40ms low-latency gaming mode is the main selling point of these headphones. Truke BTG Beta has two modes: Game Mode and Music Mode. A simple triple tap on the left earbud toggles the feature on or off for those who want to take advantage of the headphones’ gaming mode. The gaming mode we tested performed well, but we weren’t overly impressed with the music mode as the default option. There was never any lag during use. There is no stuttering, voice sync issues, or audio lag during gameplay.

It didn’t deliver a high-quality, immersive music experience, but its audio quality can only be described as average at best. We experimented with many songs from different genres. Although the music mode produces high-quality, treble-heavy music, they don’t seem capable of producing high-quality bass, so their potential for creating a rich and seamless experience is still limited.

If you prefer deeper bass then you won’t appreciate these earbuds as they usually lean more towards the treble. We didn’t notice any distortion at higher volumes, but when the volume hits 80% the sound starts to seep. Overall, the call quality is decent and should be sufficient for longer calls.

The battery life of the BTG is also excellent. With 100 percent volume up, you’ll likely get 5 to 6 hours of battery life. By keeping the volume a little low and turning off the earbuds when not in use for a long time, you can increase your stamina. While charging, the white light on the earbuds will be solid.

The green light will turn on when the earbuds are fully charged and the blue charging indicator will turn off after 10 seconds. When the charging case is connected with a USB cable, a white light will continue to flicker. When the charging case is on, a white light will remain on until the USB cable is removed.


Its battery life is excellent. If you’re talking to someone else during the call, the microphone quality is pretty good. ENC works well and Bluetooth pairing is fast. Bass is typical. The low-latency gaming mode works well overall and should be sufficient for casual gamers. Overall it is an excellent product at under Rs 999.

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