What are squanch games known for? The ‘High on Life’ studio, explains

high in life

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high in life did well on Xbox Game Pass, and threw up at one point Minecraft in the Game Pass charts. Most people seem to know that one of the creators of Rick and MortyJustin Roiland, had some kind of involvement with the game, but you might want to know more about the developers, squanch games.

What has Squanch Games done before high in life?

high in life
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Squanch Games was founded after Roiland’s success with his animated series Rick and Morty. He co-founded the company – originally known as Squanchtendo – with Tanya Watson, a games industry veteran who has worked with Epic Games. The team then worked on their first game, accountingand its extension, called Accounting+. Squanch Games used to focus on virtual reality titles, so that’s exactly what it was Accounting+ is. It was released on both PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift.

The studio then worked on an exclusive Google Daydream game called dr Splorchy Presents: Space Heroes, which was released in 2018. This unit has since been discontinued. The team’s most popular game before the release of high in life was Trover saves the universewhich was released in 2019 and is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Oculus Quest and PC.

Trover saves the universe
Image via Squanch Games

Trover saves the universe was not a VR exclusive title as although it could be played in VR it could still be played like a normal game. Trover, the main character of the title, was also voiced by Justin Roiland. After the game’s release, Watson left the studio and VR was no longer the company’s primary focus as it had been before. Instead, they would focus on making a title that would be a single-player first-person shooter, high in life.

At the time of the game’s release in 2022, Justin Roiland was the studio’s CEO until his departure in 2023 after domestic violence charges were filed against him. If you liked the games squanch games, don’t worry, the studio is still operational despite parting ways with Roiland. It is unknown if Squanch Games will develop downloadable content high in lifeor when the studio will release its next game.

It would be a safe assumption that whatever the next game for the studio will be, Justin Roiland will not be voiced or involved at any level. You can buy high in life and play it on Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC, or you can download it if you have Game Pass.


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