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Wellsville Sea Lions make it 6-0 with an away win over Letchworth/Perry

BY CHRIS BROOKS, Sports Editor, wellsvillesports.com

PERRY — The water in Perry was a bit chilly for a swim, but despite the change in temperature, it wouldn’t quench the flame the Wellsville Sea Lions kept reigniting Thursday as they totaled eight victories in pool, including a near-sweep of the First-half events rolled towards a sixth straight win with a 91-78 count over hosts Letchworth/Perry.

Among the winners, Tiernee Brandes would get medal times in two events to supercharge Wellsville’s (6-0) effort, triumphing in each half of the meet, starting with a 200 freestyle win and ending with a 100 freestyle win . Brandes would also contest the third stage in the team’s victorious 400 freestyle relay to cap another dominant performance in the water.

The Sea Lions added a 200m relay win early in the meeting to start an electric first half and cement their lead against Letchworth/Perry that they would never lose.

Other individual winners for Wellsville include Hayden Waldon in the 200m individual medley, Morgan Mattison in the 50m freestyle, Grace Kinnicutt in the 100m butterfly and Kaylee Oswald in the 500m freestyle.

On Tuesday, the Sea Lions are back in the water with a first swim against Bath-Haverling at 5pm.

Team results: Wellsville 91, Letchworth/Perry 78.

200 medley – 1st Wellsville (Kinnicutt, Waldon, Mattison, Oswald) 2:11.39, 2nd Wellsville, 3rd Wellsville.

200 Free – 1st Tiernee Brandes (WLSV) 2:22.63, 2nd Kennedy Ewing (WLSV), 3rd Megan Vanetten (WLSV).

200 IMR – 1st Hayden Waldon (WLSV) 2:34.55, 2nd Allie Bidzerkowny (WLSV), 3rd Keira Weber (L/P).

50 Free – 1st Morgan Mattison (WLSV) 11/27, 2nd Abigail Rockcastle (L/P), 3rd Lila Bailey (L/P).

Diving – 1st Sidney Simmons (L/P) 258.15, 2nd Ashley Oswald (WLSV).

100 Fly – 1st Grace Kinnicutt (WLSV) 1:06.58, 2nd Isabelle Hart (WLSV), 3rd Allie Bidzerkowny (WLSV).

100 Clear – 1st Tiernee Brandes (WLSV) 1:04.77, 2nd Abigail Rockcastle (L/P), 3rd Emily Budinger (WLSV).

500 Free – 1st Kaylee Oswald (WLSV) 6:27.12, 2nd Isabelle Talley (L/P), 3rd Megan Vanetten (WLSV).

200 Season – 1st Letchworth/Perry (Bailey, Weber, Simmons, Rockcastle) 2:00.10, 2nd Letchworth/Perry.

100 Back – 1st Keira Weber (L/P) 1:16.63, 2nd Heather Battles (L/P), 3rd Hunter Schroeder (L/P).

100 Breaststroke – 1st Emma McLaughlin (L/P) 1:33.88, 2nd Marley Bryant (L/P).

400 Free – 1. Wellsville (Mattison, Oswald, Brandes, Kinnicutt) 3:51.23, 2. Letchworth/Perry, 3. Letchworth/Perry.

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