“Week in Recap” from Walterboro, South Carolina: Murdaugh Murders Trial – 1/28/2023

Welcome to a very special edition of FITSNews Week In Review – filmed on location in beautiful Walterboro, South Carolina, the Lowcountry town that hosted the main event of the “Murdaugh murders‘ Crime and corruption saga.

The first week of the double murder trial against the accused murderer Alex Murdaugh got off to a flying start when the jury in this case met, opening arguments were made, and we listened to two full days of (mostly) dramatic testimony.

The hectic pace of the first four days finally slowed on Friday afternoon as prosecutors began the arduous process of introducing dozens of pieces of evidence through testimony. Members of the media, who had been hanging on to every word uttered at the Colleton County Courthouse all week, suddenly found themselves a little sidelined. Part of this was due to the lengthy nature of the testimony, but also the fact that everyone covering this trial ragged all week.




Oh, and speaking of the press…there were several Main Problems accessing these procedures and handling evidence and exhibits (including video evidence).

I have written several times about these transparency issues and will continue to do so until they are resolved.

For a group of visitors to the study, however, access was not a problem…

(click to show)

Will Folks and his family outside the Colleton County Courthouse (Colleton County)

Seven special guests got a great treat as court security and court clerks Becky Hill gave them the run of the building late Friday afternoon after the court adjourned.

The kids were even able to see the brig where Alex Murdaugh ate a Domino’s pizza earlier in the day.

Also, luckily none of them knocked over any of CourtTV’s cameras during their visit to the courtroom!




Witnesses for the prosecution to look out for
Prosecutor conducts first day of testimony
Crime scene images are reviving the call for transparency
Alex Murdaugh’s outfit from The Night Of Murder is missing
In the video that destroyed Alex Murdaugh’s alibi
Prosecutors make big wins in ballistics evidence


Conservative group launches hype to overturn hospital mandate



want people is the founding editor of the news agency you are reading. Prior to founding FITSNews, he was press secretary for the Governor of South Carolina. He lives in the Midlands region of the state with his wife and seven children.



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