Wednesday Star recalls a frustration from the Netflix show

Jenna Ortega spoke candidly about the challenges she faced portraying her character Wednesday in the upcoming, anticipated Tim Burton series.

Jenna Ortega revealed a major frustration and some complexities encountered while filming Tim Burton’s upcoming horror series Wednesday. The upcoming supernatural mystery series has been described as an 8-hour Tim Burton film. It follows the title character Wednesday as she navigates the high school while honing her psychic powers and stopping supernatural monstrosities affecting the town where she now attends school. It also features a classic coming-of-age story through Burton’s take on the Addams family, complemented by emotional struggles, and the emotionless gothic girl who will be forced by her circumstances to change and grow.


Ortega put a lot of passion and dedication into truly becoming the Wednesday Addams. From practicing the cello and fencing to trying to mirror and reproduce her moves and subtle mannerisms, she was praised by Burton, who dubbed Ortega the perfect Wednesday Addams. Wednesday Also starring are Christina Ricci, Gwendoline Christie, Fred Armisen and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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Jenna Ortega sat down with Ricci, a former actress, for Wednesday Interview Magazine where Ortega spoke candidly about the challenges of portraying the character Wednesday in the way she saw fit. She described it as a challenging process, during which she often felt lost and confused by the expectations and direction of others, and revealed that she often had a lack of confidence in previous directors in their quest to shed her own perspective on the character . In keeping with Burton’s aesthetic, he asked her to completely avoid expression and emotion, which initially helped Ortega feel quite lost and defeated in the early stages of production:

I felt like everyone wanted something different from her. I remember Tim didn’t want me to have any expression or feeling at all. He wanted a flat surface… There were a lot of fights like that [with other directors] because I felt like people didn’t always trust me when I was creating my path in terms of “okay, that’s her arc.” This is where she gets emotional.” There have never been so many chefs in the kitchen. I was completely lost and confused. I don’t normally have a problem using my voice, but when you’re in – I just remember feeling defeated after the first month.

Ortega’s comment that it “too many cooks in the kitchen‘ indicates that a plethora of opinions and directions were suggested to her, and perhaps the rest of the cast as well. The question that arises after her comment is whether there will be inconsistencies and a lack of overall consistency in tone and character for the upcoming series. Despite the initial stress and frustration of trying to live up to what everyone else wanted from the character, Ortega praised Burton for his collaborative approach and attentive listening to resolve this issue and ensure her voice was heard.

Ortega is able to capture fear with an expressive face and body language, performing an agonizing scream when necessary. Ortega has demonstrated her scream queen bonafides in horror films such as Scream (2022), Xand Insidious: Chapter 2 among other things, so she’s a good choice for the role. If she managed to portray Wednesday in her own way, without the influence of pretentious opinions and instructions, viewers can expect another excellent achievement in the horror genre from Ortega. Only time will tell if the characters and tone remain consistent in the upcoming series, Wednesday.

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