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Wayne County reported 3,631 additional COVID-19 cases this week

dizziness "bogie" Czesak, 60, center, stands with his girlfriend Donna Duthoo (left) and son Anthony Czesak at Bogy and Donna's home in Pekin.  Bogy became so ill with COVID-19 infection last November that doctors planned to take him off life support until his son intervened.

Michigan reported 18,453 new cases of coronavirus in the week ended Sunday, down 5.5% from the previous week. In the previous week there were 19,535 new cases of the virus that causes COVID-19.

Michigan ranked 28th among the states with the fastest spread of the coronavirus per person, according to a USA TODAY Network analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University. Last week, coronavirus cases in the United States fell 0.9% from the previous week, with 753,773 cases reported. With 3% of the country’s population, Michigan had 2.45% of the country’s cases over the past week. Across the country, 31 states had more cases in the last week than the week before.

Wayne County reported 3,631 cases and 22 deaths over the past week. A week earlier it had reported 3,720 cases and three deaths. 435,780 cases and 8,041 deaths have been reported during the pandemic.

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