Watch the Netflix trailer for Run Rabbit Run starring Sarah Snook

The hair-raising trailer for run rabbit runthe new Aussie horror film, starring Sarah Snook, is available now – watch it below ahead of its release on Netflix in June.

Snook – who captivated audiences as Shiv Roy in HBO’s current bombshell season successor – leads run rabbit run as a single mother who becomes increasingly disturbed by the strange behavior of her daughter Mia (Lily LaTorre) while mourning the loss of her late father.

The film was acquired by Netflix in January, which today (May 10) confirmed a June 28 release date. The official first look trailer introduces Snook as the grieving protagonist Sarah, who appears to have had a sister Alice who went missing when she was seven. Mia takes a liking to a stray rabbit (and a disturbing animal mask) — and fixates on her Is Alice.

Today, run rabbit run was also announced as part of the official program of this year’s Sydney Film Festival – building on its existing success on the festival circuit, in the Midnight Section of Sundance in January. Tickets for the 10th and 15th June Sydney Film Festival screenings are on sale now.

Shot on location in the Riverland region of South Australia, run rabbit run reunites Snook with Australian filmmaker Daina Reid after their collaboration on the 2015 ABC series The Secret River. Other cast members in the film are Damon Herriman, Greta Scacchi and Trevor Jamieson.

Snook, who replaced Elisabeth Moss run rabbit run 2021 brought “an exciting unpredictability” to the role, said producer Anna McLeish NME. The film was a chance for Snook to cash in on international success successor“To own and direct a film in its entirety,” said the co-founder of Carver Films.

“There’s hardly a frame in the film that doesn’t have Sarah in it,” she added. “Her work in Australia before that was really accomplished and really amazing, but I don’t think she’s really had the opportunity to carry a film on that scale… It’s really exciting for audiences to see Sarah Snook, especially international audiences, who now mainly identifies with her as Shiv in such a different place.”

The cast of the fourth season of
Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin and Jeremy Strong in the fourth season of Succession. CREDIT: HBO / Press

She is making her feature film debut with director Daina Reid run rabbit runwho reunites with Carver Films after the 2017 SBS crime series sunshine. Reid is also a fan of Australian author Hannah Kent, who wrote the screenplay run rabbit runrevealed McLeish – even going so far as to travel to Iceland to see where Kent had written her award-winning novel funeral rites.

Reid “loves this space: she loves genres … she really loves exploring the darker side and the more monstrous side of everything,” McLeish said. your work on The story of the maid — which earned her an Emmy nomination in 2019 — illustrated for McLeish how Reid could master “suspense and rigor” and “follow a strong female character to some pretty difficult places.”

run rabbit run lands in a sane moment for Australian horror cinema, especially for films with female protagonists: You won’t be alone And sissy garnered critical acclaim in 2022, as did Carver Films’ relic from 2020 (not to mention Elisabeth Moss’ own The Babadook since 2014). It’s a small industry and many of these filmmakers know each other, McLeish conceded, but she wouldn’t describe this horror wave as a movement born of intent or discussion.

“They are all different. People will say that some have strengths, some have weaknesses, but certainly within that particular canon of work I guess run rabbit run sits really comfortably – that’s exciting to see.”


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