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Watch IShowSpeed ​​reveal that Twitch streamer Adin Ross paid $20,000 for his bail after a video of him being arrested and beaten on the live stream went viral

YouTube star IShowSpeed ​​revealed on Aug. 11 that Twitch broadcaster Adin Ross paid $20,000 to get him out of jail after an online viral swatting incident

For those who don’t know, swatting is when someone intentionally leads the police to an innocent victim in order to harass them. Controversial streamer IShowSpeed ​​spoke about the event he attended, reassuring his followers of his safety and openly admitting that Adin Ross paid his entire bail to get him out of jail.

IShowSpeed ​​reveals Twitch streamer Adin Ross paid $20,000 for his bail after a video of him being arrested and beaten on the live stream went viral

IShowSpeed ​​​​talks about a time when Adin Ross saved him

IShowSpeed’s latest show on YouTube included a full explanation of the circumstances for its audience.

IShowSpeed ​​​​said that the well-known Twitch broadcaster and his close friend Adin Ross had paid $20,000 in response to some inquiries about the swatting incident and the cost of his release, saying:

“‘What was your deposit?’ It was $20,000. My boy Adin came in clutch. You paid for it in full. He wired it. He wasn’t in town, so he wired it to the confederacy of the department I was in.”

“It was pretty easy. They gave me back all my things – my phone, the pants I had with me. I had no shoes on so they just gave me a pair of flip flops.”

Most of IShowSpeed’s fan base, as expected, welcomed back the content producer and even thanked him for entertaining his audience despite a difficult time.

Swatting is the unlawful practice of filing complaints under false pretenses to compel law enforcement officials to visit the specified location. The fact that it often, if not always, targets celebrity streamers and online personalities ensures that thousands of viewers see the results.

Many well-known streamers and content producers have recently been the unfortunate victim of swatting, which has seen viewers see law enforcement dealing with guns.

For example, on July 30, 2022, popular Apex Legends channel ImperialHal was interrupted during its broadcast by armed police officers. On August 5, 2022, Keffals, another Twitch streamer, was beaten, leading to fears for her safety and wellbeing.

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