WATCH: $100M Amouranth Once Trolled McDonalds and Burger King – Wendy Style

After delighting thousands of Star Wars fans, Amouranth once angered McDonald’s and Burger King lovers. 2017 was the year of vlogging for Twitch streamer Amouranth as she tried to find the perfect catch. She was on a journey to building a business empire, let alone becoming a ruthless tycoon. And meanwhile, she cared little about upsetting brands as she embarked on a tragic journey to troll them.

In one of her vlogs, she walked into a McDonald’s and Burger King store, ordered their newly launched combos and compared them to Wendy’s. There, Amo wrote down the difference in taste, quality, packaging and more. While fans thought it was a “food vlog,” they later learned Wendy’s was the best.

Amouranth once trolled two fast food giants and compared them to the Ohio grocery chain specialist


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On May 4, 2017, Amouranth wowed fans with a Star Wars vlog. In it she showed a perfect spin-off of “Rey”, the popular character from the films. She also visited NASA’s Houston Space Center to honor the special day. And while her community recovered from her good looks, she switched the mood to a week of trolling.

Apparently, on May 10, she uploaded a vlog disguised as someone who works at Wendy’s. Then she first went to a McDonald’s store to order her newly launched combo with a beef burger. However, the ingredients immediately became the subject of a troll when she showed a tweet from Wendy’s and McDonald’s on screen. Surprisingly, the former demanded that the California-based brand justify the quality of the beef, only to find out they stored it in the freezer first.


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Amouranth trolled the brand pretty harshly about it, also mentioning how bad their drink was. She then left the story, deeply disappointed when she said, “McDonald’s might put me in the hospital.” Afterwards, Amo drove to Burger King to order her five $4 meals, which were an offshoot of Wendy’s combo. While the latter separated four products for the prize, Burger King added an extra cookie to speed up the game.

However, the content creator again pointed out how poor the quality was, as she was dissatisfied with both the taste and edibility. So, to wrap up the vlog, Amouranth drove to her favorite place, Wendy’s, and ordered the meal she was waiting for. There she wrote down thoughts on each item in the meal and shared how good the beef burger, nuggets, fries and drink were.

So if you’re looking to order today, it looks like you got Wendy’s approval from Amouranth!


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