Warning after two dead mountain lions and one dog were killed in Colorado

Residents of the Grand Lake area of ​​Colorado are being warned of increased mountain lion activity following three recent dog incidents, one of which killed a pet.

The three mountain lion attacks on dogs have occurred since December, with the most recent incident occurring on January 23.

As a dog and its owner were returning home from a walk, a mountain lion grabbed the dog from the porch steps. The owner managed to scare off the mountain lion, who dropped the dog as it ran away. This dog was injured and taken to the local vet.

Wildlife officials were able to locate the mountain lion by following tracks in the snow and ultimately made the decision to kill it as a potential threat to human health and safety. This danger was shown by the brazen attack on the dog while the owner was nearby.

A dog died in a previous incident on January 19 involving another cat. In that encounter, an off-leash dog followed closely behind its owner as they returned home from a walk. The mountain lion then leaped out from under the porch and grabbed the dog, with attempts to scare the cat off being unsuccessful.

The dog owner’s husband then shot the mountain lion and was not charged by responding officers, who determined there was a threat to human health and safety.

The third recent incident in the Grand Lake area occurred on December 19 when a mountain lion grabbed a dog at the door of a home. The homeowner investigated the dog’s noises and hit the mountain lion as they opened the door. This caused the mountain lion to run away and while the dog was injured, it survived.

All three incidents involved mountain lions who acted brazenly close to human development. This can be a cause for concern as it opens the door to dangerous and potentially deadly interactions.

“These are unfortunate situations,” said CPW Area Wildlife Manager Jeromy Huntington. “Incidents like this are a good reminder that we live in mountain lion country and it’s important to be aware of our surroundings.”

While mountain lion attacks on humans are rare, they can occur. The presence of mountain lions can also pose a deadly risk to pets, even when a human is present.

If you encounter a mountain lion, never turn and run away. Instead, make yourself look tall and yell at the cat in an authoritative voice. Back away slowly while keeping an eye on the cat and report the encounter to wildlife experts.

It is also important to make your home uncomfortable for cats. Add motion sensor lighting, remove bushes and other potential hiding spots, and even consider leaving a radio on. If you see a cat on your property, scare it away by making loud noises, banging on pots and pans, and turning on your car alarm. Always keep an eye on pets and inspect the area they are in before letting them outside.

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