like DC movies bat girl will likely no longer be an HBO Max exclusive as a new mandate prioritizes big-budget Warner Bros. films to theaters first. Given the Warner Bros. Discovery merger is the CEO of the studio David Zaslav has reportedly made significant changes to her film slate’s release strategy, including avoiding overspending — which seems to be the reason Miracle Twins‘Cancellation.

Warner Bros. Discovery’s desire to rebuild its approach to intellectual property as it did with DC films has been public knowledge for some time. In fact, it was also reported that Zaslav was reshaping the DC Entertainment franchise with a CEO like MCU’s Kevin Feig Oversee creative decisions for all DC content. In addition, there were initially rumors about one of the conversion approaches (reported by This hashtag show) that led to the cancellation of Wonder Twins, and THR’s new report reconfirms that the project is dead. But that could also inadvertently result in Batgirl’s release being pushed to the cinema first.

bat girl

Cropped Batgirl set photo

The reasons behind Wonder Twins’ cancellation are related to the film’s concept being “too niche” and its massive $75 million budget for an HBO Max original film. The deal also states that Zaslav intends to cap the HBO Max exclusive project’s budget at $35 million or less. The move comes on the grounds that mid-budget strips do more to add subs for the OTT, while big-budget titles don’t offer much value in the same argument. While titles destined for the big screen and later released on the streaming platform after the theatrical window do a better job of pulling numbers to service, as The Batman is the prime example.

Several insiders are already saying that Batgirl could earn a theatrical release as the studio may decide to squeeze more profits from a $75 million project. However, no announcements were previously made during the Warner Bros. Discovery Upfront. Batgirl has yet to get a release date, and with The Flash slated for June 2023, Leslie Grace’s debut as Barbara Gordon may have to wait longer.

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