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Walmart shoppers rush to buy $100 of home entertainment scanned at checkout for $42 — just the right aisle to look

WALMART buyers rush to purchase a home entertainment gadget that’s down more than $50 in price.

Technophiles can buy a new soundbar for their TV for just $41.99.

Walmart buyers can pick up a home entertainment device for less than $42


Walmart buyers can pick up a home entertainment device for less than $42Photo credit: Getty
Typically, buyers would have to shell out $99.99 for the device.


Typically, buyers would have to shell out $99.99 for the device.Photo credit: Walmart

Buyers can make huge savings by taking advantage of the offer.

Normally, customers would have to shell out $99.99 for a Topvision soundbar at Walmart.

Buyers can purchase the speaker from the technology department in stores across the country or online.

The gadget is easy to set up and can create “a louder, more immersive listening experience” at home, according to the retailer.

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It’s perfect for parties as it can be connected via Bluetooth.

And the device can be used to improve the sound quality of blockbuster movies.

More than 500 customers have left glowing reviews online.

The soundbar is still on sale but may be sold out.

One buyer said: “I connected it via Bluetooth and projected it [the sound] so loud and clear!”

Another customer commented, “It’s great! It’s smaller than I thought it would be, but the sound it puts out is amazing for the size.

“I use it for my room and my projector so it sounds so good! The price is great for it and me [would] definitely recommend.”

A third buyer praised the speaker’s compact and slim design and said it was easy to set up.

They added: “Automatically connects to Bluetooth device.

“Well built and finished, metal cover. The sound is good too. I like it. I’m happy with the purchase and the price was good too.”

The item was previously advertised on the Topvision website for $79.99. However, the product is no longer available.

Amazon buyers can pick up a small soundbar from Majority Bowfell for just under $40.

But a Wohome TV soundbar could cost a staggering $119.99.

Tech fans can also pick up similar gadgets at Target stores across the country.

A Samsung 2.0 channel soundbar with built-in subwoofer can be purchased for $89.99 when purchased online. The price has been reduced from $120, according to the retailer.

But a Samsung 2.1 channel device costs a whopping $209.99.

Buyers can also choose brands like Bose, Sony, TLC and Vizio.

Bargain hunters are known for finding huge savings at Walmart.

Some savings can only be found by scanning an item’s barcode with Walmart’s Scan & Go feature.

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But apps like Brickseek and Fetch also help find deals near you.

And other apps like Ibotta and give shoppers cashback rewards after purchasing certain items.


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