VOTE 2022: Vaughan-Woodbridge candidates’ views on lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic

Budding politicians talk about what they have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We asked five questions to Vaughan-Woodbridge candidates running in the June 2 election.

This is where they tackle their takeaways from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The candidates had to answer a maximum of 150 words each.


Steven Del Duca of the Liberals: I’ve learned a lot about the resilience of the people of Vaughan. Healthcare heroes working extra shifts, neighbors helping loved ones with necessities, and small businesses working overtime to make ends meet. Everyone rolled up their sleeves.

When people stand up, their governments should meet them in the middle and do what we as individuals cannot do.

We will conduct an independent public inquiry to learn from the pandemic. We know that Ontario residents need to heal and restore confidence and will work with them to restore confidence in our healthcare system.

Philip Piluris from the Greens: We have learned that we absolutely cannot survive if we are divided. We as a community must work together for a common good, whether it be public health, protecting our environment, or standing up against adversity.

Luca Mele from New Blues: We learned two things. 1. What not to do in pandemics in terms of better safety measures and lockdowns. 2. How easily both government and society can be corrupted and misled. Thousands of families lost their businesses and homes, even child suicide was (at) an all-time high.

Michael Tibollo of the Progressive Conservatives: We are giving nurses in Ontario a retention bonus and making pay increases permanent for more than 158,000 personal assistants. Also: we’re investing $40 billion to fund more than 50 hospital projects that will add 3,000 new beds over the next 10 years; 31,000 new and over 28,000 modernized care beds in the factory; Invested nearly $5 billion to hire more than 27,000 long-term care workers over four years.

NDP’s Will McCarty: After more than 8,500 deaths, 500,000 COVID-19 infections, near-collapse hospitals and the total failure of our long-term care system, the NDP called for a full investigation into Doug Ford’s pandemic response. It must never happen again. We are committed to rebuilding and improving healthcare by: investing, not cutting; repeal of Bill 124; recruiting nurses for our hospitals and hiring physicians for underserved communities; Managing the waiting list for surgeries and procedures.

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