Virginia politicians react to footage of Tire Nichols on Twitter

“Another horrifying video of a black man being beaten to death and dehumanized by PEACE officers who have sworn to protect us. Tire Nichol’s life was stolen. For nothing! Anger, sadness, and prayer are beautiful, but we have the power and responsibility to change policies and procedures. Let’s do that!”

— Virginia House Minority Leader Don Scott Jr., D-Portsmouth

“As we process these harrowing events, I ask those exercising their First Amendment right to do so peacefully. We will ensure Virginians’ first amendment rights while prioritizing and protecting the security of the Commonwealth and all Virginians. We can choose to come together and not push the divide further.”

— Governor Glenn Youngkin, Republican

“Sick of the murder of Tire Nichols. Let’s gather to pray for his loved ones and peacefully seek justice. Let us pass our Police Justice Act to address police misconduct. Far too many black Americans have been victims of police brutality — we cannot be spectators.”

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— US Senator Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va.

President Joe Biden spoke to Tire Nichols’ parents, according to a video posted to Twitter by a Washington Post reporter. In the short video, which the reporter says was a 10-minute call, Biden spoke about the deaths of his wife and son.

“Tyre Nichols was supposed to be with his family today. Instead, he was brutally beaten to death by the very people responsible for keeping their community safe. It is time to ensure that our justice system lives up to our ideals. We need to pass meaningful police reform.”

— Senator Mark Warner, D-Va.

“As a mom, it really breaks my heart to hear #TyreNichols call out for his mom. No person, no family should have to suffer like this. Truly devastating and tragic for Tyre, his family, friends, loved ones and our nation. Tire Nichols should be alive today.”

10. January

10. January: The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says the man involved in the altercation with Memphis officials “succumbed to his injuries” and identifies him as 29-year-old Tire D. Nichols, a black man.

Courtesy of the Nichols family via AP

— Del. Eileen Filler-Corn, D-Fairfax, former Speaker of the Virginia House of Representatives

“I’ve had to sit with too many families experiencing the same heartache and cruelty. We MUST stop destroying each other.”

— Former Governor of Virginia Justin Fairfax


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