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Violent Night’s David Harbor has the perfect Mrs. Claus dream cast for a possible sequel

This weekend, violent night will introduce another offbeat take on Santa Claus to the world. That new movie release sees David helping Harbor transform the funny man with a bag of toys into a warrior to be reckoned with. Ultimately, the results are fun and gory, and fit surprisingly well with the Christmas spirit. And should the film succeed and spawn a potential sequel, Harbor already has the perfect Mrs. Claus in mind to join him in battle.

At the press day for the Universal Action comedy, the theme of Santa’s wife came up because the film references the character. Although never seen, the audience is informed that she does exist in this world, and things between her and her spouse are a bit rocky from what viewers can gather. Details like this could make for an interesting sequel, as whoever gets the role would ideally be at odds with David Harbor while also supporting him locally. With that in mind, Harbor CinemaBlend introduced its dream Mrs. Claus as follows:

I mean it’s an action movie. Is The Rock available we think? A little curly wig or something. No, this is a joke. My dream would be… because it’s an action movie, right? and [David] Leitch did Atomic Blonde with her, she was so good at the choreography. My dream, she never will, but my dream would be Charlize Theron. I feel like she’s such a badass, I remember she was so amazing in those fight scenes. That would be my dream casting, but whoever plays it, when it happens, it’s going to be wonderful. It’s so weird to ask me because I think it will be played in 10 years and people will be mad at me. But she would be my dream.

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