Viewers praise Netflix show ‘Feel Good’ Someone’s Feeding Phil, who’s back for series five

Viewers are praising the Netflix show Feel Good. Someone feed Phil as it returns for its fifth season. You can watch a clip from the show here:

The series sees Everyone loves Raymond Creator Philip Rosenthal travels to different cities around the world where he tastes the local cuisine.

Someone feed Phil was launched back in 2018 where Phil visited numerous cities including Saigon, Lisbon and New Orleans.

In addition to delicious food, Phil also uses the show to highlight charities and non-profit organizations making a difference in the featured cities.

Season 5 arrived on the streaming platform last month and it’s fair to say fans aren’t getting tired of it.

One person wrote on Twitter: “There isn’t a single show ever made that makes me happier than Someone feed Phil. The perfect travel show where everyone is beautiful and kind and embodies how feeding people is a sign of love. I swear I cry almost every episode.”

Someone is feeding Phil. Credit: Netflix
Someone is feeding Phil. Credit: Netflix

Another said: “Loved the new season of Someone feed Phil As always, a really lighthearted and fun way to discover new cultures and foods. @PhilRosenthal is so easy to look at and so likeable.”

Someone else commented, “Random feel-good TV recommendation no one asked for: Someone feed Phil. The show is delightful and always makes me hungry.”

And a fourth added: “Love Someone feed Phil so much. @PhilRosenthal is simply a pleasure. That he actually participates as much as Anthony Bourdain did, as a connoisseur of the culture as a whole. Thank you @netflix for continuing to make this show!”

In season five, Phil visits Oaxaca in Mexico, Portland and Maine in the US, the Spanish capital of Madrid and Helsinki in Finland.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

In a recent interview with the Guardian, Phil explained that the reason he looks so impressed during filming is because he really enjoys eating new and unusual foods.

He said: “I’m very impressed. People have even said to me, ‘It seems you love everything.’ And the truth is, I love everything, or at least everything, that I put into the show.”

He continued, “I never want to be rude.

“I never want to offend the culture or even anyone’s personal feelings. So in general, if it’s served to me, I’ll at least try it.”

The first five seasons of Someone feed Phil are available to stream now on Netflix.

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