Videos no longer play in Brave and Firefox, but play fine in Chrome


Lurking here for a long time. But now I have a problem that I can’t figure out by myself or by reading the forums, and google just wants to sell me stuff.

About 3 months ago I noticed pauses in Youtube video playback. At the time it was just a lull like a network issue. But now that pause changed to “cannot play video, rendering audio… please restart your computer” msg. As you’d expect, I tried that and it solved the problem for about 15 minutes.

Long story short, it’s happening all the time now and it’s made YT unwatchable.

So I tried Firefox. Same mistake.

So I tried Chrome. Well, Chrome plays fine. …interesting Chrome is owned by Google and YT is owned by Google but Firefox and Brave don’t play right… Stranger still because Brave is a rebuild of Chrome. huh?

Does somebody has any idea? Yes, I’ve tried the audio and video driver updates etc. Nothing outdated, I already have the latest updates (and have for months, even years.) Yes, I’m using Windows 7 and won’t change it. So please don’t bother telling me what a POS or ignorant fool I am for not running to Bill Gates and asking him for a “more secure” operating system. Does not happen.

Another interesting aspect. I also play Roblox with my son and Roblox wouldn’t run until I did some updates about a month ago. What I did. Everything went fine, no error messages, no weird stuff. But since then, this problem seems to have worsened. It could be a coincidence, but I’m just throwing that out there.

Even before that there were only breaks, but it would eventually play. But now it plays for 2-5 minutes…then pauses a few times…play again, repeat until I get the audio rendering error and it refuses to play. But when I do that I can open a Chrome browser, go to the same video and it plays fine. So it is not a problem of the operating system. It’s not a driver problem. It’s a browser problem.

I’m all ears if you have any idea what the problem could be and how to solve it.

Thank you very much!

UPDATE: I just tried Opera and it works fine. The only difference. is that I use Brave and Firefox A LOT. I use Chrome and Opera very little. Both the ones I use a lot have the same problem and the ones I use very little don’t seem to have the problem. And Brave and Opera are said to be based on Chrome, and Firefox is said to be a completely separate browser. So I really don’t understand.

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