vampire in the garden, Released on May 16th, makes us curious as to what it means. Therefore, to quench your curiosity a little, with this article we will help you understand what it is all about to make you decide whether you want to watch it. RyōtarōMakihara and assistant Hiroyuki Tanaka directed the series, which is not your standard vampire and human story, but something that would take you on a roller coaster ride.

Skip or see?

Created by Wit Studio, the series is a MUST WATCH as it conveys a post-dystopian and grim reality of war between vampires and humans and the show’s core theme is despair. It’s not a standard vampire story based on the commonality between two opposite species – humans and vampires.

The story will bring tears after seeing the struggle, despair, desire, relationship and tragedy. There are also hints of love between Momo and Fine. It’s violent and bloody because vampires and humans cannot exist, leading to war.

The optics and art are worth seeing. Both the trailer and the series managed to grab the audience’s attention as the attention was captivated from the first few minutes.

The series doesn’t just revolve around one aspect, but includes multiple emotions and metaphorically comments on today’s world. Several people are struggling to survive and seek peace, either by dying or living alone, which makes it kind of relatable and therefore a must-see.

The series will be emotional since from the trailer itself it is clear that the bond between Momo and Fine is intense and that would bring tears and the fact that in a society there is not only what you see. Still, some people may be enemies or opposites in some parts, but they live happily together.

Love knows no bounds, as does despair, and that’s what the show shows; And how can we forget the animation and voice acting that hits the emotion straight to our heart and makes it even more worth watching?

Vampire In The Garden on Netflix: Should you stream it or skip it?  What our critic has to say

About the series

Vampire in the Garden is an anime series based on an unusual story about a human and a vampire. The story involves the battle in which humanity loses to vampires and conquers most of the land. Some people who survived the bloody battle built a light wall in a city to help them survive and protect each other from the monsters.

To save themselves, they even destroyed all forms of art, music and culture to keep the bloodthirsty monsters at bay. Living a difficult life, Momo, the protagonist, is tired of all the conflicts and wishes for a way out to be alone.

On the side of the vampires, there is Fine, the vampire queen, who tries very hard to exist with the vampires because she has given up feeding on humans and surviving on blood, and so finds a place where she is peaceful can die.

What Momo and Fine have in common is that they want the conflict to end. So when they meet each other; This common ground causes them to search for a place called Eden where the vampire and humans make music together.

A garden that no one has ever seen or heard of. Both are looking for a way to get out of the pain and problems, but are they succeeding? You have to watch the series to know that.

The occupation

The cast of the show includes Yu Kobayashi; the voice actor for the character of Fine and Megumi Han, the voice actor behind the character Momo. Chiaki Kobayashi voices Allegro, Nobara is voiced by Rika FUkami, and Hiroki Tochi voices Kubo.

where to watch

Released on May 16th, the animated series is available to stream exclusively on Netflix and consists of 5 episodes, almost 25-30 minutes long.

So please don’t wait and stream it now before you get spoilers from others.

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