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Upset Democrat Seaman wins second seat in LD 16 House of Representatives

Democrat Keith Seaman won a seat in the Arizona House of Representatives this month, edging out Republican Rob Hudelson for the second seat in LD16. Teresa Martinez kept her place in the other seat.

In one of the more surprising results of this month’s midterm elections, Democrat Keith Seaman, a retired public school teacher, ousted Republican Rob Hudelson by just 644 votes for the second seat in Legislative District 16 in the Arizona House of Representatives. or 0.62%.

The fact that a Democrat could take a seat in a district that has 37.9% Republican voters versus just 24.9% Democrats is surprising. The district has 36.4% Independent and 0.7% Libertarian.

Republican Teresa Martinez, running her first race in the House of Representatives, won the election by two seats by about 4,500 votes, up 4.38% over Seaman. Martinez was subsequently named GOP House Majority Whip, making her the third-ranking party member in the chamber.

Despite repeated attempts, Seaman could not be reached for comment, but he did post a reaction on his Facebook campaign page.

“After a long and important election process, we won!” Seemann posted. “This victory is credited to the hard working and diligent volunteers and supporters of this campaign across rural Arizona. They put aside partisan politics and fought to be part of the solution to the problems we face together. With this victory comes renewed hope for rural families, students, teachers and community members. I will go to work every day at the Capitol ready to work and fight for our community in LD16.

“We will continue to invest in public education, strengthen voter protections, and ensure Arizona residents have access to and can afford the quality healthcare they deserve. Thank you to my family for being with me every step of the way and to my tireless campaign manager, Lindsay. Thank you to our staff, volunteers and supporters – let’s get to work!”

A supporter of Seaman, Janell Hunt, posted a response on Facebook detailing the qualities she believed led to Seaman’s House seat in a historically Republican district.

“Having worked with you in and out of politics, I know that you are a man of action, not just of words, and that when you make a commitment, you push through,” Hunt’s post said. “Your district, the Arizona Legislature, and all of us in this state are fortunate to look to the future with you (the state House of Representatives). Thank you for reaching out.”

Republicans will win at least one seat in the House of Representatives this cycle. They had a 31-29 lead last cycle but will hold at least 32 seats in the coming term.

Republicans have won 31 seats and Democrats 27 so far, with two races too close to announce. These races put you between a Republican and a Democrat for the second seat; the other is between two Republicans.

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