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Upgrade your laptop to 32GB of RAM with this kit from TeamGroup

We don’t usually focus on gaming laptops when it comes to deals, as most machines give you little to upgrade. One thing that’s usually possible is a RAM upgrade, and today we spotted a good price on a 32GB kit of DDR4-3200 RAM from TeamGroup. Currently this Elite 2x16GB kit is available for £70, more than £30 less than the usual price. If you want your laptop to come with 32GB of RAM for gaming or content creation and you’re currently using 16GB or less, this is a nice little upgrade for the money!

TeamGroup isn’t as well known as alternatives like Crucial, Kingston, or Corsair, but the Taiwanese company is one of my top picks for any type of flash product, from RAM like this to SSDs and micro SD cards. This elite memory isn’t anything fancy, but at DDR4-3200 speeds and CL22 timings, it’s a reasonable choice when it comes to performance – and of course if you currently have a single stick of RAM (which some entry-level games do). is). laptops), then you could get a nice framerate boost by switching to a dual-channel kit.

If your laptop supports some type of DDR4 RAM, this kit should be compatible – although you may not be able to use it at full speed if your laptop’s BIOS doesn’t allow manual adjustment or the XMP values. To check this you should be able to use Crucial’s system scanner site which should list compatible memory modules for your particular computer – and if you can fit 32GB Crucial DDR4-3200 then of course the same spec will work as well by TeamGroup! You can also try restarting your laptop and entering the BIOS to see if RAM speed options are available before hitting the buy button.

I hope this deal is helpful, and stay tuned before my job is done!


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