UN Ticker: Adam Hansen, New CPA President, IPT Lights Rwanda, Nibali to Drive Cape Epic

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Ex-pro Adam Hansen is the new president of the driver group CPA.

The 41-year-old Australian won the group’s first electronic election this week and will replace Gianni Bugno for three terms.

Hansen founded and chaired the Australian professional body Hansen and becomes the first CPA President born outside of Europe.

“I thank Gianni for the work done and I promise to do my utmost to continue to improve the figure of the professional racer, as I have been doing in my home country since 2019. Race safety along with the other issues that the drivers have reported will be the first issues I want to work on with the board,” said Hansen. “The drivers had asked to be able to vote remotely and individually, I am delighted that they have done so from around the world.

“I ask you to take part more and more in the life of the association. I will be honored to represent them but the CPA is the riders association so they have to be the ones dictating the line.”

Israel Premier Tech is helping to light up the homes of cyclists in Africa

Students watch the recent inauguration of a pump track in Rwanda. (Photo: IPT)

Israel Premier Tech and its Field of Dreams program are helping local cyclists in Rwanda get electricity from solar panels.

The team official said the young athletes participating in the cycling program at the team’s new Field of Dreams in Bugasera, Rwanda, will receive power from solar panels.

In a partnership with Ignite Power, youth participating in the cycling center’s activities will see advanced solar systems installed in their homes.

“We are very excited to partner with Israel-Premier Tech and its Field of Dreams project in Rwanda,” said Peter Feinberg, Board Member of Ignite Power. “This collaboration reflects Ignite’s commitment to bringing reliable, clean energy to the people who need it most to transform their lives. By using these systems, we promote education and economic development, reduce fire and health hazards, and create a more sustainable future for all.”

More than 20 homes have already been connected to the electricity grid and the project house is expected to connect at least 200 homes by the end of the year.

The latest effort is part of a larger project that also includes a cycling center and track that recently opened in Rwanda to promote cycling there ahead of the 2025 World Cycling Championships.

Vincenzo Nibali rides Cape Epic

Ex-pro Vincenzo Nibali will be tackling the Absa Cape Epic this month.

Scheduled for March 19-26, the Absa Cape Epic 2023 will cover 658 km and climb over 15,000 meters across Africa in eight days.

Nibali is now an Ambassador for Q36.5 and will be showing off some of the gear.

“As an ambassador for Q36.5, the goal of this project is to test their materials and put them under extreme conditions like racing at high temperatures,” he said. “But also in dusty, muddy, dirty conditions and to test the durability of the materials, consistency, breathability and all the fundamental factors that go into making high-performance clothing.”

Last year Lukas Baum and Georg Egger won for Speed ​​Company Racing.


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