Twitter user turns Pokemon Emerald into a text-based game using ChatGPT-4

A Twitter user found a fun and entertaining use for ChatGPT-4 by spinning Pokemon Emerald into a text-based adventure game.

According to a report by Polygon: “As it turns out, GPT-4 can break the code for the Game Boy Advance game POkemon Emerald and turn it into a fully interactive text adventure with the mechanics of a Pokemon Adventure.”

The ability to convert the Game Boy Advance game to a game with a different format is the latest discovery that has been made of what ChatGPT-4 can do. The latest version of ChatGPT software, ChatGPT-4, was officially announced just a few days ago, on March 15th.

Twitter user uses ChatGPT-4 on Pokemon Emerald

Twitter user Dan Dangond made the discovery after asking ChatGPT-4 to actually play that Pokemon Emerald Gameper GameSpot report.

“The game starts out more or less like you’re playing it on handheld – apart from a few features, like setting the clock at the beginning – but works as a fully interactive text adventure,” says Polygon. The release adds that Dangond plays the text adventure by replying to ChatGPT-4 via chat

Dangond posted screenshots of the text-based adventure game on his Twitter account. One of the screenshots can be seen below.

Pokemon Emerald

Released for the Game Boy Advance in Japan in 2004 and internationally in 2005, Pokemon Emerald is the third version of Pokemon Ruby And sapphire. As in previous games in the series, the player takes on the role of a Pokémon trainer exploring the Hoenn region.

The main goal of the player is to conquer eight Pokemon Gyms. Only when this is achieved can the player challenge a group of elite trainers known as the Elite Four. The player must also stop two criminal organizations aiming to exploit the power of a legendary Pokémon for selfish gain.

what differs Pokemon Emerald out of ruby And sapphire is that it contains Pokemon from Pokemon Gold And Silver that are not available ruby And sapphire.

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The ability to turn Pokemon Emerald into a text-based adventure game is the latest addition to the list of things ChatGPT-4 can do. The latest version of artificial intelligence (AI) software, ChatGPT, can “accept image and text input and output text output” at press time, according to a report from Al Jazeera.

The Al Jazeera report also mentions that ChatGPT-4 can handle up to 25,000 words, which is more than the word count of its predecessor ChatGPT-3. A CNN report notes that the latest version can also make coding much easier, passes professional and academic tests with flying colors, and provides more accurate answers compared to previous versions.

Those interested in using ChatGPT-4 must subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, which incurs a $20 monthly fee.

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