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Twitch streamer Emilycc holds the world record for longest subathon

Other Twitch streamers set a time limit for their subathons and offer subscribers incentives called “sub goals” in an attempt to rack up as many as possible. Last spent Ludwig 50 hours trapped in a glass box, raised $300,000 for charity and got a terrible haircut in the process. In the past, Emily had sub-goals. Once she reached a certain number of subscribers, she would do something ridiculous or suggest her audience.

“I poured myself into the shower in a bacon suit, then I poured milk all over my head,” she said. “That was weird. I don’t know why I did that.”

Outrageous stunts didn’t suit Emily’s vibe. Her quiet modesty was evident when she told BuzzFeed News that she rarely considers herself successful because her audience is smaller than that of the biggest names on the platform, although the only way she can really catch up with her videos is when she’s in the bathroom without a camera . Her finest moment of the subathon so far was when she celebrated her 365th day with decorations and a low-key online party.

But she didn’t even set a world record back then. She has long since done so. In fact, no one has come close to doing what she did. Ambish, who has 115,000 followers, has just completed 140 days of uninterrupted streaming. That’s not even half the length of Emily’s previous stream.

And Emily may not have millions of followers, but she always has hundreds of eyes on her — even when she’s sleeping. Knowing that people are watching her sleep is something she avoids.

“I don’t think about people watching me sleep,” she said. “But I have the fewest viewers when I sleep, which makes me happy.”

She might not think much about the stream, but it’s undoubtedly having an impact on her daily life. Emily spends most of her time at home, only leaving the creek for a quick walk with her dog or to use the bathroom. If she’s “going to IRL,” meaning she’s actually doing something, she has to live stream it all on her phone. Days ago she went to a rave with a friend but had to leave early because the reception wasn’t good enough to keep streaming. She will soon be streaming her hair appointment.

Their endless stream influences other people as well. Strangers in the outside world don’t always understand what she does in public, and she’s given up explaining it. Some of her offline friends don’t want to be in her stream so she has to run it in her room and hurry to see them. This leaves her no time to date or have a boyfriend. If she thinks the internet signal isn’t strong enough to stream anywhere, she stays away and is afraid to take a plane because she might lose the connection. She doesn’t have close relationships with her subscribers because she doesn’t speak to them personally, but she likes to chat with them when she can.

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