Twitch star SypherPK unveils a $10 million content creation facility, the headquarters of Oni Studios

Twitch star Ali “SypherPK” took the internet by storm on January 26th when he announced the opening of Oni Studios’ headquarters. He expressed his excitement at “bringing big projects to life” and shared pictures of the state-of-the-art facility:

When we started Oni Studios, our goal was to build something bigger than ourselves and make content dreams come true. With the opening of Oni HQ, we look forward to bringing great projects to life with our amazing team and state-of-the-art facility .We’re just getting started ❤️

The official name of Oni Studios also shared a two-minute video in which SypherPK explained how the facility would help content creators produce quality content.

Introducing SypherPK’s NEW $10M, 30,000 sqft facility with Oni Studios The future of content curation, it’s crazy

“We want to give developers the tools to bring their biggest ideas to life” – SypherPK on how Oni Studios HQ is heading into the next era of content creation

The Twitter video began with Ali reminiscing about his time in the industry, working on various productions. He mentioned how help was needed as his brand grew and realized other creators would need the same support:

“As you know, I’ve been in this field for a long time. I’ve been in a ton of different productions and many times they didn’t even know how to create the content that my community would love or even care about. And as my content and brand grew, I needed help. And I realized that others were doing the same.”

The Fortnite icon announced that Oni Studios HQ will help content creators “bring their biggest ideas to life”. He revealed that the facility will have space, technology and crew to help content creators:

“That’s what Oni Studios is about. We want to give developers the tools to bring their biggest ideas to life. We have the space, technology and crew to help content creators do what they do best. create content! Always keep your audience and platform in mind. And they can do it with the good feeling that those responsible understand it!”

ONI STUDIOS HEADQUARTERS IS OFFICIALLY OPEN! Here begins the next era of content creation.

SypherPK detailed the various lines of business and specialists working at the facility, including content strategists, production specialists, and marketers. He stated:

“All of this happens because we have content strategists, production specialists and marketers. We even have teams that take care of the boring business stuff like HR and hiring developers.”

The video ended with the streamer adding:

“Whether you’re recording a crazy YouTube video or trying to host a stream athon or maybe even collaborating with your favorite streamer or starting your own clothing brand, it all starts here at Oni Studios!”

Fans React to SypherPK’s $10M Content Creation Facility

The announcement went viral on Twitter, with several prominent figures congratulating SypherPK on its latest venture. Some of the most relevant fan reactions went along these lines:

@onistudiosgg @SypherPK That’s incredible! Congratulations to the whole team, we look forward to seeing what you all create!!

@onistudiosgg @SypherPK Yo do you all need a former wr holder or speed runner or literally anything else because wow

SypherPK is a Twitch veteran who started his live streaming career in 2016. He currently has over 6 million followers and averages more than 3.3k viewers per stream.

In addition to playing Fortnite for over 9,860 hours, the 26-year-old streamer has also played For Honor, Call of Duty: Warzone, The Elder Scrolls Online, Overwatch and Apex Legends on his channel.

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