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Tutors International is launching a customized global search for an exceptional educator for a Private Tutor position in Punta del Este, Uruguay

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Exceptional educator wanted for a private tutoring position in Punta del Este, Paraguay

Exceptional educator wanted for a private tutoring position in Punta del Este, Paraguay

Tutors International, the world-renowned private tutoring specialist, is pleased to announce its latest tutoring vacancy: a full-time tutoring position in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

OXFORD, UK: Tutors International is a renowned private tutoring company that specializes in matching the perfect tutor for its client’s families. They run a custom global search for every customer query to ensure they don’t find just one World class teacherbut one that fits the attitudes, values, ideas, and specific needs of that family and their children.

Tutors International has just started the custom recruitment process for their latest tutoring job (URU1022). They are looking for an exceptional, energetic and diverse tutor with an enthusiasm for travel for 2 boys aged 4 and 8. The role, which begins once the right candidate is found and will potentially last several years, will involve travel, primarily in the US, Mexico and Europe, but predominantly in Punta del Este, Uruguay.


The eldest brother is a bright and inquisitive 8 year old boy who is currently enrolled in the 2nd grade at the International School. He is a resilient and caring young man who has many hobbies including board games, Lego, Roblox, Minecraft and Nintendo Switch games. He has shown a keen interest in learning to code and recently attended a coding camp during a visit to New York. In addition to his passion for technology, the young man is an active kid who surfs, gardens, skates, swims, horseback rides, plays tennis and golf, practices the piano and enjoys art. He has attended and thoroughly enjoyed weekly online sessions with Synthesis – which emphasize problem solving, collaboration and reflection.

At school, his strongest subjects are usually math and reading, and he likes art. He would benefit most from support in his writing and sporting pursuits. Like many little boys, he can be stubborn at times and occasionally emotional, but his natural intelligence will be a real pleasure for any educator to engage and work with.

His younger brother is the focus of this role. He is 4 years old and enrolled in K4 at the International School. He’s a happy, energetic kid who enjoys a variety of toys and games, while also following in his older brothers’ footsteps in his enjoyment of Minecraft, Roblox, and other video games. Although he’s only four years old, he already speaks Spanish and English and has even started learning some French. He also enjoys tennis, swimming, skateboarding, horseback riding and taekwondo.

The younger of the brothers is a loving, physical child who has not settled well at school. Last year he was the youngest in a mixed-age cohort and was frustrated at not being able to participate in the same way as his peers. A lone shadow teacher was hired to help him access the work and keep him from being overwhelmed. He is young and still developing his social skills and character. Both boys see an occupational therapist regularly and also participate in several sports programs with specialists. They get along well at home and although – like all siblings – they occasionally fight, they work and play well together.

The boys were both born in Argentina, where their parents are from, and have traveled extensively. Their current school aims to provide them with a personalized, inquiry-based education. However, the boys’ parents find it more formal than they had hoped. This, combined with her love of exploring and traveling as a family, has fueled the search for an outstanding individual who can use play and travel to help the children discover and develop through experiences. Encourage discussion, help them learn critical thinking, develop their problem-solving skills, and learn through reflection—as they move through the world—much like the ancient Greek model of tutoring.

At the family home in Uruguay, the tutor works with the boys after school and manages their extracurricular activities. This may include picking them up and driving them to organized clubs and camps, or planning and implementing bespoke academic projects. These can be athletic, programming, or challenging them with new goals. The tutor must act as a liaison between the family and the school, coordinating their efforts with the boys’ teachers and ensuring strong communication and a good working relationship. The tutor also helps develop and maintain an overall love of learning while developing their broader interests and providing assistance with schoolwork when needed.

During travel times, the tutor works closely with the school to ensure all necessary work is completed and the boys are kept up to date with their peers. This allows them to seamlessly reintegrate into their classes upon their return. Of course, the tutor needs to be flexible, creative, accommodating and able to make the best of all the places they will be visiting. The family is very keen that the children join clubs and camps when traveling to ensure they are spending time with other children as well. The tutor is expected to research, recommend and organize these opportunities for the boys whenever possible.

The tutor must be personable and enthusiastic. An excellent track record with elementary school children is essential. You must also speak Spanish to a high level as both English and Spanish are spoken in the family home. An interest in programming and technology would be beneficial in encouraging boys’ natural curiosity in this area. Some French would also be helpful as this is the children’s third preferred language. A good sense of humor and the ability to make classes fun and memorable would be highly desirable.

In the family home, a large playroom would be made available for classroom use, although boys are not expected to finish school and then come home to sit in a different classroom setting. This will simply be the space available for the tutor and brethren to explore through discussion and inquiry-based learning. The tutor will responsibly encourage sound habits regarding the use of electronic devices. The family expects technology to be a tool the boys can use to get through life, but they also have to be able to do without it.

The appointed candidate will be highly educated, intelligent, well traveled, responsible, practical and down to earth with a keen sense of fun and a wide range of personal interests to bring to the role. The tutor must be physically fit and active. They should also be interested in and have fun with world affairs, politics, media and culture, because it is important that the children are introduced to all these topics. The tutor should have the intellectual range to help students become well-rounded, intellectually curious, environmentally aware, and thoughtful citizens of the world.


In Uruguay, the tutor is expected to work with the boys about 30 hours a week in the afternoons, plus preparation. Your school day ends at 2pm and the tutor will likely spend the rest of the afternoon with the boys.
The tutor is entitled to an average of two consecutive days off per week, usually at weekends, but may need to be flexible with family travel plans and the children’s other activities.

The tutor is entitled to a minimum of 9 weeks holiday (45 working days) per year, to be taken during school holidays and at times agreed with the family.

The tutor is flexible regarding any schedule changes, be they travel related or otherwise, and will adjust accordingly. The customer will endeavor to announce planned changes with a notice period of up to two weeks.

The tutor will initially use a private guest room on the family property. Once established, a rental stipend will be provided by the client and the tutor will find independent accommodation nearby.

The client provides a car and ensures that the tutor stays in private accommodation when travelling. All expenses are borne by the client, except for the tutor’s personal phone bill and fuel.


The tutor must be a fit and healthy non-smoker – active and energetic with a love of the outdoors; the kind of person who always makes the best of their surroundings to enhance teaching and learning opportunities. You must also be a competent driver.
The family has a small dog at home and horses on their property, so the tutor needs to be comfortable around animals.

The ideal applicant brings a lot of experience, enthusiasm and energy. They must be able to adapt their teaching to the changing circumstances of working with two young children at home or while traveling. The family is close-knit and values ​​a friendly and fun learning environment for their children.


  • Start: As soon as possible

  • Duration: initially 1 year, with an annual extension

  • Hours: approximately 30 hours per week

  • Salary: $144,000 per year


If you are interested in applying for this position, contact us now by clicking this link. To learn more about Tutors International and the elite services they offer, visit www.tutors-international.com.

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