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Apex Legends recently received its Season 17 update across all platforms simultaneously. The update will introduce a new legend to the fast-paced battle royale, alongside a long list of weapon changes. Unfortunately, some players have reported that they missed the new seasonal update because it is not appearing on the platform.

This problem has been observed by various players using the PlayStation console and the Electronic Arts (EA) application itself. This issue can cause a percentage of players to lose first-hand experience alongside other platforms.

This article examines the Season 17 update issue for Apex Legends for PlayStation 4 and the EA App.

How to possibly solve Apex Legends Season 17 update not available on PS4 and EA App

Update not appearing for some players on PS4 and EA App – hopefully soon

Steam is a 10GB update, Xbox Series X is 16GB

Apex Legends is one of the most well-known battle royale titles in the entire esports scene. Electronic Arts strategically deploys two separate updates within a season – one to start a new season and the next to begin the season split. The patches aim to introduce new playable content and improve the state of the game.

@alphaINTEL For EA app users who can’t start the download: For me it started working after opening the game to get the message “There is a new version”. After I finished the game, the download started.
@alphaINTEL PS4 was always 15-20 minutes late if there was no preload

The Season 17 update is reportedly not appearing for some users who are using the EA app or the PS4 to play the game. Players can follow the steps below to fix the issue and update Apex Legends.

  • Restart the game: Start the game in the previous patch (season 16). There is a chance that it will say that a new game version is available and will start downloading automatically after leaving the desktop. The notification may not appear, but restarting the title may help the server reconnect to the official server.
  • Reboot system: A quick reboot of the PC or console can come in handy as the platform needs to connect to the servers after a full flush.
  • Check network connection: Players should check their network connection status to ensure stable internet is available for the system. An unstable or inconsistent network can cause some platforms to not work and updates to be missed.
  • Reinstall: Players can reinstall the entire game as a last resort if all else fails. This should not be done without trying other available methods or before the developers release more information about the issue.

It’s important to note that these are only workarounds for the Apex Legends Season 17 update, which is not available on the PS4 and EA App. These methods have worked for some players and cannot be guaranteed to work for every individual.

Possible reasons

It’s time to get ballistic

The latest season of @PlayApex– including the redesigned Shooting Range, Weapon Mastery and more – is now live on all platforms!

Seasonal updates are massive and usually put a strain on the official servers as well as the dedicated function that provides them for all platforms. The rapid proliferation of the Apex Legend Season 17 update may have played a big part in the issue.

The update size is around 10 GB on Steam and 16 GB on the Xbox platform. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more recent updates.

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