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Tronsmart T7 Portable Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker Review

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Review Tronsmart T7 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker


Considering the price, the Tronsmart T7 is an excellent speaker. It sounds good at moderate volume and is loud enough for personal use or in a small group without playing the music offensively loud.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Good sound quality for the size/price


  • No 3.5mm
  • Battery life is not very good when RGB is on

Following my Tronsmart Bang Mini review, I checked out the affordable Tronsmart T7.

This is a 30W portable outdoor speaker that you can buy from Amazon UK for around £35.


  • Audio Codecs: SBC
  • Bluetooth version: 5.3
  • Bluetooth range: Up to 18m (open area)
  • Input power: 5V/2A via Type-C connector
  • Output Power: 30W
  • IP protection class: IPX7
  • Playing time: Up to 12 hours (Varies by light display)
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Frequency Response: 60Hz – 20kHz
  • Game modes:
  • Other properties:
  • Product dimensions: 216 x 78mm x 78mm
  • Product Weight: 870g / 1.91bs


The Tronsmart T7 looks like many outdoor portable speakers with its cylindrical shape and sturdy black plastic body. It feels very durable and I’m sure it can take a few drops on the floor.

On top of the speaker is the volume control surrounded by RGB lights. The RGB lights are controlled with a single click of the power button. They have a pretty big impact on battery life, so I’d just turn them off.

On one side are the rubberized controls as well as a cord loop for carrying. It weighs just under a kilo, so it’s a reasonable size to carry around for days.

The USB-C port and microSD slot are also hidden under a rubber tab, achieving IPX7 water resistance.

sound quality

That sounds pretty good considering the price and size. Like all speakers, you’ll get the best performance at a moderate volume, but that’s especially important with these small Bluetooth speakers. I wouldn’t recommend cranking this all the way up as the sound quality degrades, but it’s still good enough to listen to.

This is perhaps a little front-firing, which makes sense as the speaker’s size isn’t really designed to be bass-heavy. The highs are muted slightly, and it avoids the sharpness or tinkling that many small speakers are prone to.

This has the ability to produce reasonably good bass. The woofer exits at the bottom and doesn’t use a passive radiator like its bigger brother, the Tronsmart Bang Mini. With the bass thrown down, you can get a bit more acoustic rumble than you’d expect from such a small speaker.

Switching to hip hop and electronica would make for a good bottom end punch.

Unlike the Bang Mini, I was able to get this to work using the Tronsmart app. This way you can then customize the sound using different EQ modes or manually control the EQ with the custom mode. This works fairly well, and you can tweak the sound to your liking, but you’re still limited to the overall capabilities of a cheap 30W speaker.

This one only has the SBC codec; There is no AAC as you see on most devices these days. I didn’t expect aptX/LDAC at this price.

You can also pair two of these for stereo audio, but I only have a single speaker so I didn’t test it.


With RGB on, this is rated for about 4 hours with RGB on, or 12 hours with RGB off and volume at 30%.

With RGB on, that’s pretty poor battery life, and I’d strongly recommend turning it off.

Price and alternative options

The Tronsmart T7 is currently listed on Amazon UK for £50 and at the time of writing there is a 30% discount coupon available, bringing it down to around £34

At this price point there is nothing I can recommend about the Tronsmart T7. Tronsmart has the T6 Plus, which is a little louder, for around £50 after the 15% coupon has been applied

In total

Considering the price, the Tronsmart T7 is an excellent speaker. It sounds good at moderate volume and is loud enough for personal use or in a small group without playing the music offensively loud.

It’s well built, durable, and the lanyard makes it handy for things like camping.

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