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Tri-Cities’ Miss Rodeo Washington enters national title contest

Before becoming Miss Rodeo Washington, Lexy Hibbs was Kennewick’s Horse Heaven Round-Up Rodeo Queen. She will be competing at Miss Rodeo America starting this weekend.

RICHLAND, Wash. – Former Benton and Franklin Fair and Horse Heaven Round-Up Rodeo Queen Lexy Hibbs heads to Las Vegas this weekend to compete for Miss Rodeo America.

She is currently titled Miss Rodeo Washington 2022.

“Although if I were to bring home the Miss Rodeo America crown, my crown would represent the entire nation. I would still represent my home,” Hibbs said.

Hibbs hails from Richland and is hoping to bring home the crown over the course of the competition, which begins this weekend.

As Miss Rodeo Washington, she was able to raise awareness of Washington’s agricultural produce production.

“People don’t realize that Washington is an agriculture-based economy. We export over $9 billion annually,” Hibbs said.

She has a particular passion for the produce grown in East Washington, where she grew up.

“We grow over 300 commodities here in Washington state, and most of them are actually grown on the East Side. We’re the largest apple producer in Washington,” Hibbs said. Washington is also ranked #2 in the country for wine production. We have quite a lot of that in the southeast corner of the state.

Hibbs even works as a wine grower and farm safety coordinator at Goose Ridge Winery.

“I have been very blessed with a job that has given me the opportunity to grow and be a representative of agriculture and also work in agriculture,” Hibbs said.

Washington has only won the national title once before — Spokane’s Katherine Merck in 2016. Lexy Hibbs is aiming for Washington’s second title.

It’s a competition that pits the Queens against each other on speech, personality, written tests, horsemanship and more.

At Miss Rodeo America, contestants will ride a tie, meaning they will not ride their own horse.

“It’s luck in the draw and in the rodeo, you never know what you’re going to get. So you just have to be prepared for anything,” Hibbs explained. “We’re cowgirls first, so it doesn’t matter if you get the best horse in the row or the worst horse in the row.”

As Miss Rodeo Washington, Lexy said she swung a leg over about 100 American Quarter Horses this year.

She also said that she was biased by more than 25 Washington PRCA rodeos to say the Kennewick Horse Heaven Round-Up, where she started as the rodeo queen, was her favorite.

“I think a lot of people just think the local rodeo is coming to town, but it’s not. It really is the best of the best cowboys and cowgirls from across the nation that compete in Kennewick every year,” Hibbs said.

The pageant begins on Sunday and lasts 8 days.

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