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Top Juhu Matchmaker Rejects Popular Netflix Show ‘Indian Matchmaking’

The perfect match does exist, and it is fate that will lead you to them. In some cases, two people are naturally attracted to each other, have their famously cute meeting, and then get married somewhere down the line…and all hell breaks loose. In some lucky cases, fate is a little more cautious, sending along a matchmaker to ensure there are no nasty surprises later and all expectations are centered on a perfect union. And a real matchmaker can only be someone who takes their role seriously and works with trust and transparency. dr Priya Shah is that matchmaker for us.

More than 30 years ago, Dr. Priya Shah takes an oath – No new bride would suffer like her, and no unfortunate groom would falter like her husband. Priya Shah was a victor and a victim of a hasty and antiquated arranged marriage system in which neither party had openly defined their pre-marriage expectations. This led to her marrying a loving and supportive husband, but also brought about a contentious relationship with her in-laws. It so happened that Priya and her husband suddenly had to leave their home when the disagreements escalated and started from scratch. This circumstance led to Priya making sure that she mediated for friends and family before concluding a marriage. Her instinct for good matches and her extreme diligence in straightening the expectations of all parties involved in a marriage eventually led her to adopt the mantle of a – The Elite Matchmaker.

In the early days, Dr. Priya Shah approached for being seen as ‘lucky’ and ‘ekdum right’ in her decisions. They soon recognized her talent, passion and honesty and most marriageable parents with enterprising young children came to her until it became their life’s work. Eventually her roster filled with well qualified, highly educated singles and Priya worked to the bone seven days a week to keep up with the increasing demands. She wouldn’t rest until she did a deep dive into each profile, their expectations, their family’s expectations, the skeletons in the closets, and the perks of the game. She would then offer her recommendations to a prospective bride and groom without overpowering concerns about the game’s extraordinary benefits. She was her therapist, her matchmaker, her matchmaker, and her friend.

Finally, to meet the increasing demand and bring innovation to an age-old process, Priya Shah devised an Indian version of speed dating, where she arranged a meet and greet of over 100 singles – with their parents – at 5 prominent – star hotel. This helped candidates meet and greet many potential matches at once, and then understand who they hit it off with best, also taking into account family dynamics. This was a bold move and some criticized the concept while most loved it, but all participated and all saw good results. In fact, the problem was that people found their partners too soon and didn’t need the year on offer, leading to unhealthy discussions about the matchmaking fee. The intrepid Priya continued her work with honesty and integrity, with the support of a loving husband and while raising a child without family support.

Over the years this Juhu based matchmaker has won many prizes and awards from prestigious institutes, where she has been congratulated along with notable personalities such as Deepika Padokone and Barrack Obama. She has been featured alongside top women entrepreneurs who make her nation proud and has also been recognized by Forbes magazine and various Times of India group verticals. This recognition stems from the fact that Priya has made a lasting name for itself across India and also internationally with clients from USA, UK, Dubai, Melbourne and various parts of the world. With more than 9000 enduring matches to her name, a book authored by her and clients who swear by her, Priya Shah represents a rare group of bold and courageous women making a positive impact on society.

Recently, a Netflix show about Indian matchmaking received a lot of attention and was the subject of some controversy and jokes. This show was previously offered to Priya Shah, but she judiciously and politely declined. Her reasons were numerous, primarily the very personal nature of her work and the associated confidentiality in dealing with certain customers. Priya refused to break her silence, and she also refused to judge those very clients. Many people are reluctant to approach a matchmaker for a variety of reasons, and Priya chooses to make sure everyone, young and old, is completely comfortable with the process. She has a very direct manner and is completely open about her chosen candidate, their traits, family, dynamics and everything a bride or groom needs to consider before sealing a lifetime commitment. None of this is suitable for disclosure in a public forum. So she preferred the trust of her clients and the sanctity of the process to the recognition offered.

Needless to say, the crème de la crème crowd of India, including most of the top business families, have found their eternal partner in Priya Shah, where the couple’s compatibility and relationship with family is enviable and will stand the test of time. So if you are looking to fall in love and are waiting to find the right partner, let Fate nudge you towards Priya Shah and she will help put the smile on your face, the flutter in your heart and fulfillment in yours Living with a life partner who is your soul mate.

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