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Top Gun: Maverick’s Jerry Bruckheimer shares how Tom Cruise stays in such incredible shape: “Tom is pumping everything all the time

From all of this Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies currently on the asphalt, Top Gun: Maverick could be expected the most. Nearly 40 years after Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell first felt the need for speed, the legendary aviator returns to train a new line of recruits for modern warfare in the Danger Zone. Anyone who knows Cruise personally knows that could fit the actor behind the role, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer has confirmed once again that it’s this energy that keeps his star in such incredible shape, even at 59 – and , yes, even for shirtless beach scenes.

When speaking at the Top Gun: Maverick Lunch at this year’s CinemaCon, the Legacy Quel had its fair share of stories to tell. producer Jerry Bruckheimer spoke to Cruise’s insistence that Val Kilmer be in the sequel, showing the man’s commitment on a personal level. When CinemaBlend attended the event, Bruckheimer even shared stories of Tom Cruise’s work to keep fit for the grueling road ahead; starting with the following praise:

Tom is doing everything at full blast all the time. To the best of our knowledge and belief and beyond. You can’t stop him. He’ll just do it no matter what. But what’s so interesting about him is that he does everything with great caution because he’s so well prepared. He’ll spend months preparing for things that might be on screen for maybe 30 seconds.

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