The first time I picked up the phone to talk to Glen Powell about his starring role in Top Gun: Maverick, it was March 4th, 2020. And if that date sounds familiar or any alarm bells are ringing, that’s because it was about a week before the entire United States shut down due to COVID-19. We were there to talk about the film, sure, but I was also on a very important mission (yes, that’s one top gun reference) to ask Glen some cheekier questions, like what his bedroom looks like and the size of his bed. You know, the important things.

Obviously, things got a little dicey in the weeks following our original call. Top Gun: Maverick was pushed back a few times (okay, about five times), and our interview never saw the light of day. But two years later, this film is finally coming to theaters. So I called Glen to see if any of his answers to these very important questions had changed at all since our blissful naivety date Chat.

Cosmopolitan: First, where do you answer this call? set the scene for me

Glen in 2020: I have a theater in my house, which is like my home office. It’s a nice place to gather. I’ve filled it with big cloud sofas and lovesacs, and I can fit a lot of people in.

Glen in 2022: I used the hell out of this theater during the pandemic. I lived in this cave for quite a few years. I can truly say, as much as I love this home theater, I’m so excited to be going to the cinema again among the masses and having this collective experience with other people.

Okay, tell me about this theater. How big is the screen? How does an evening with friends feel?

2020: I learned this strange trick in Ibiza. I have smoke machines and laser lights and you can basically turn a theater into a club in no time. I usually serve dinner and drinks around the house and then we could watch a movie, play games, we do whatever. And sometimes it gets rough. I know I’m a grown man but sometimes men have clubs in their homes.

2022: I’ve never stood by a statement more in my entire life. For my birthday I had a space cowboy party at our ranch in Texas. And so everyone put on their space suits and cowboy hats and I turned the barn into literal outer space. I’ve grown up in many ways, but in many ways I never want to grow up and I feel like my friends appreciate that.

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What is your favorite object in your home in terms of sentimental value?

2020: On my birthday a few years ago it was probably a month of shooting topgun, Tom Cruise gave me a vintage top gun poster and wrote a really nice note that said, “Welcome to the danger zone, it’s yours now. Happy birthday, Tom Cruise.” So that’s a pretty cool statement piece. It was one of my favorite films growing up and one of the reasons I decided to become an actor.

2022: The further I get from this filming experience, the more Tom becomes less of a colleague and more of a friend. I got my pilot’s license over the pandemic. I fly around, I send him pictures and I go sailing and I ride my motorbike and do all those things. That poster really felt like, ‘Wow, that’s Tom Fricken’ Cruise at the time.’ Of course I still think he’s the coolest guy on the planet, but he’s really become even more of a friend.

Tell me about the furnishing situation in your house. Are we talking about empty walls? did you put up pictures? What are we dealing with here?

2020: My favorite piece is something I made myself, a piece of sheet metal. There is this famous battle in Texas history called the Battle of Gonzales. The Texans hoisted this flag with a picture of a cannon on it that said, “Come and take it.” So I wanted to make this piece of art that said come and take it, and I wanted to hang it over my bed. until a couple of my sisters and a couple of smart women in my life told me never to hang a piece of art that said “come and take it” over my bed.

2022: I have the advantage of having many wonderful ladies in my life who keep me honest and keep me from making such catastrophic mistakes. I still stand by that come and take it is something that it’s a very cool piece of art but it doesn’t belong in the bedroom.

Okay, tell me about the rest of your bedroom. How is the situation there? how big is the bed

2020: It’s a California king. I take the situation in the bedroom seriously. I have six throw pillows on the bed. Is that a regular number? Is that a solid performance? I also like hugging pillows. I tend to curl up and hug, they’re not just there for decoration. They are there for love. I feel like I nailed the bed situation.

2022: I changed the sheets. I upped the sight reading even more, you know? I’m a dog guy, I grew up with a lot of dogs on the ranch and I’ve had some pillows with dogs on them and I’ve been reminded that I, you know, need to up my game. That’s not a grown man’s choice. I still have dogs but the dog cushions are gone.

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Okay, so let’s pretend it’s Friday night and you’re getting ready to spend the night with a significant other. What is the facility?

2020: TThe beauty of California is that the weather is great. So if anyone comes by, I’m happy to be outside with a glass of tequila. I have a fire pit out there. I’m a crying guy when the girl’s had a rough week. But tequila is my favorite.

2022: I made a trip to France and Portugal because of the pandemic and fell in love with Portuguese and French wine so I brought a lot. The fire and wine game, I’ve really raised the bar on the pandemic the way I’m doing this. In college you beat the Franzia bag. A little Tour de France. But you have to grow up. You need to get rid of the dog cushions and get a decent bottle of wine.

What is your skincare routine like? Show me what we’re working with.

2020: Well, nobody follows me on Instagram for my skincare routine and it really annoys me every day. I’m trying to get better at this stuff, but right now I’m just splashing water on my face. This is the one department where I obviously understand that I’m trainable and I need to improve.

2022: I will find out! I wash my face now, I exfoliate once in a while, maybe once a month. There’s this thing called Dr. Gross Two-Stepper that was just introduced to me. [Editor’s note: Glen is referring to Dr. Dennis Gross’s Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel.] These things are a shell and you just open one packet, you wipe your face down and you do the other. You don’t need to take anything with you except a tiny sleeve. It really makes it easy.

Okay, last but not least, what are you wearing while answering that call?

2020: I wear a favorite pair of sweats, they’re Ksubi sweats, and a tank top. That is my goal.

2022: I’m shirtless, wearing sweatpants and sitting outside by the fire pit. This is me.

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