Top 5 ways to get rare candies in Pokemon GO, ranked [pending]

Rare candies remain one of the most valuable items in Pokemon GO, which means they can be quite difficult to get in bulk. Luckily, there are several repeatable methods of getting rare candies that you can use to charge up your rarest and most powerful Pokemon.

Rare Candy Pokémon Go
One of the most valuable items in Pokemon GO: the Rare Candy | From Niantic and Pokemon GO

What are rare candies and what are they used for?

Pokémon evolve and power up in Pokémon GO with species-specific candies, obtained primarily by catching and hatching Pokémon of that species. A Rare Candy basically acts as a Candy that can be used on any type of Pokemon in the game, giving you another way to power up your Pokemon when capturing proves difficult. Of course, as the name suggests, rare candies are “rare”, but here are the 5 best ways you can get rare candies in Pokemon GO.

1. Defeat Raids

Winning raid battles is by far one of the most consistent ways to earn rare candies in Pokemon GO. Rare candies are obtained at each level of the raid, but in larger amounts the higher the level of the raid battle. While this method is consistent, it does require the player to be able to regularly participate in raids with a competent higher difficulty raid group. However, lower level raids (depending on the boss Pokemon) can easily be soloed depending on how strong your squad is.

2. GO Battle League Rewards

For competitive players, winning four out of five matches in the GO Battle League will award three Rare Candies on top of the base rewards. At Rank 15, there is a chance each reward will become a single Rare Candy instead of the normal set, but it only lasts for a single session. While this method guarantees a payout of Rare Candy, depending on the player’s rank and skill level, reaching that four-win threshold can prove difficult.

4. Special research tasks

Periodically, Pokemon GO offers the player Field Research, Special Research, or Event Research containing tasks that offer a variety of rewards for completing in-game missions. Rare candies are a possible prize in this pool, but are not available for every research type. Also, these research tasks often appear for a limited time, requiring players to be alert and active to take advantage of new events and updates in the game.

4. Opening Gifts

Another random-based method is opening gifts from friends. Players can get up to three Rare Candies per gift, although like walking, it’s not guaranteed. Making friends with new players in the game will bring many more useful benefits. So make sure to beef up your friends list and exchange gifts daily if you’re on the hunt for more rare candies.

5. Walk

While walking at least 25km per week is time consuming, it offers the opportunity to earn up to three Rare Candies from the weekly walking rewards. Poke Balls and Stardust are the only guaranteed rewards, but players who step up each week will receive rare candies on a few lucky occasions.


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