Top 5 things you must do to survive your first day in Minecraft (2022).

Minecraft is the most popular game in the world. With entire YouTube careers dedicated to the game, and selling 100 million more copies than the next best-selling game of all time, it’s almost unbelievable that someone might not have played the game by now.

However, Minecraft can be quite an intimidating game to learn for new players since there is so little hand-holding in the game. Below are some tips on how new players can ensure their survival on the first day of a new world.

Top 5 things players can do to survive their first day in Minecraft

5) Get wood

A player harvesting a birch tree for wood (Image via Minecraft)
A player harvesting a birch tree for wood (Image via Minecraft)

Wood is the most important resource for players in the first few minutes of a new world. It is required for all of the game’s basics, including crafting stations, chests, the sticks needed to craft all of the game’s tools, and even shields.

Given how important wood is to so many of the game’s vital items, players should spend a decent amount of time cutting down trees on day one as all wood is almost guaranteed to be used.

4) Make some basic tools

The Recipe for a Wooden Pickaxe (Image via Minecraft)
The Recipe for a Wooden Pickaxe (Image via Minecraft)

Once a player gets some wood and builds a crafting table, the first thing they should do is craft a wooden pickaxe. You can then mine Cobblestones and instantly upgrade to a Stone Pickaxe. But with this stone, players should also make at least a stone ax and a sword.

With a stone pickaxe, a stone ax and a stone sword, players have their basic tools. They can harvest lumber faster and dig a base on a slope if they want to protect themselves in the early game.

3) Build a small shelter

A simple mud hut that players could build on their first day (Image via Minecraft)
A simple mud hut that players could build on their first day (Image via Minecraft)

Once a player has a decent supply of wood and some basic stone gear, they can worry about their base, which will protect the player during the game’s hostile nights.

There are a few different approaches to a first night basis. There’s a simple dirt hut, a hilltop base that players dig up, or even a small simple wooden base. Whatever the player chooses, he must ensure that it is adequately lit. This can be done either by mining coal or by burning logs in a kiln to produce charcoal.

2) Make a shield

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If a player can find a village or easily accessible iron ore, they should quickly combine it with some wood to create a shield. Shields are an invaluable resource and a great way to protect the player from any of the many threats found in Minecraft.

Shields are items players can place in their offhand. The shield will then raise when they right click or use the interact button. This will mitigate any damage coming from the direction the shield is pointing.

This can protect players from things like skeleton shots or zombie attacks. It even protects players from Creepers’ explosions, which would normally inflict massive damage on players.

1) Search for villages

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Villages are by far the best structure players can find in the first day or two. If a player has spawned in or near any of the biomes that villages can spawn in, including desert, plains, grassland, savannah, snowy taiga, snowy plains, sunflower plains, and taiga biomes, they should definitely take a look around and see if there is villages nearby.

Players can get huge amounts of food from them, as well as things like iron armor and tools (if there’s a blacksmith). In addition, players can start farming villagers and set up a villager trade area to get large amounts of resources.

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