Top 5 forgotten items in Minecraft

Released over a decade ago, Minecraft is a sandbox game known for its vast and diverse world, easy-to-understand game mechanics, and large variety of items. Each year, a major update introduces more items that improve the experience for players.

The plethora of items available in Minecraft often leaves the playerbase overwhelmed and forced to use the most powerful items or which are the most efficient to acquire.

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Rarely used items in Minecraft

5) Leather horse armor

A horse equipped with leather armor (Image via Mojang)

Horses are one of the best mobs to tame if a player is looking for a means of transportation. Players often equip their horses with armor, but usually overlook leather horse armor.

This is because diamonds, gold, and iron horse armor, while not craftable, can be easily obtained from loot chests from structures like desert pyramids and ancient cities. They also offer much better protection than leather armor.

4) Rabbit stew

Crafting Recipe of Rabbit Stew in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

Rarely consumed in-game, Rabbit Stew is a food item in Minecraft with the most random yet realistic crafting recipe. To craft one, players must place a cooked rabbit, carrot, baked potato, mushroom (red or brown), and an empty bowl on the crafting table. Since this is complex and cannot be stacked, players forgo it.

3) Recovery Compass

A Recovery Compass (Image via Mojang)

The Recovery Compass is an item introduced to Minecraft in update 1.19. Despite being a new addition, many players have already forgotten about it.

The Salvage Compass points in the direction of the player’s final death and guides them to their lost items. Though it may seem convenient, few make long journeys from their base.

The crafting ingredients for this item are also not easy to obtain. Along with a regular compass, it requires eight echo shards, a rare item found only in ancient city chests.

2) spectral arrow

The Effect of Spectral Arrows (Image via Mojang)

Bow and Arrow is a great ranged weapon used by majority of players. A variant are the Spectral Arrows, which can be crafted from four Glowstone Dusts.

The only benefit of using it over a regular arrow is that the target’s body can be seen through blocks.

Spectral Arrows Crafting Recipe (Image via Mojang)

For most Minecraft players, the benefits of using Spectral Arrows are not worth the cost of crafting ingredients. Additionally, spectral arrows are still consumed from the player’s inventory even if a player has the Infinity enchantment on their bow, making them less attractive.

1) Beetroot Soup

In-game beetroot soup (Image via Mojang)

Despite being a great food, beetroot soup is rarely made in the game and many are unaware of its existence. When consumed, beetroot soup is just as good as boiled chicken as it restores six hunger points (three drumsticks in game).

Beetroot Soup Craft Recipe (Image via Mojang)

As shown in the image above, players will need six beets and an empty bowl to craft one and place it on the crafting table. The ingredients are relatively easy to obtain, but they don’t stack, so players can’t carry much of it without giving up important inventory space.

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