Top 3 New Web3 Gaming Projects to Watch Out for in 2023

January is coming to an end and wow 2023 was already crazy for the web3 industry. We have seen cryptocurrencies rebound in price from the lows that ended the 2022 “crypto winter”.

All the negatives of last year aside, and with Web3’s prosperous prospects for 2023, there they are a whole host of new projects to look forward to in this upcoming new year. While projects from 2022 and beyond will introduce updates, we think it’s only right that you meet some of the new kids on the blockchain.

Make sure to do your own research after this article if you are thinking of getting involved in some of the projects and crypto games that we mention below. It’s always best to have a good understanding of anything Web3-related before investing your hard-earned time and money into it!


Metacade blockchain logo


Our first pick of the best web3 gaming projects for 2023 is Metacade. This project was announced last year with the presale phase for their native $MCADE in full swing since December last year. Millions have already been poured into this new perspective, and with good reason!

Metacade is trying to change the gaming community on the blockchain list. Avid gamers will be familiar with Steam and Epic Games Store, which are currently the two most popular platforms for Web2 gamers. Now imagine that for Web3 games and you have Metacade…

Players can post reviews, their high scores, forums, chat and play their favorite games like never before Metacade platform. The developers of this project have an extremely promising white paper that gives a thorough and transparent breakdown of what to expect from this new project.

Currently, in anticipation of the full release, there are quite a few giveaways on Metacade’s social networks. Expect the platform to go live in Q2 of this year, with Crypto exchanges listing their token in Q1 of this year once the token goes live! By Q2 2024, the Metacade project will be fully released, with players taking responsibility for ruling the platform by that time!

Until then though Be sure to check out Metacade’s social channelstake a look at the presale/giveaways currently running and get acquainted with what’s to come on their site.

Gamers of all kinds will be really excited about Metacade’s presentation as their artwork and marketing pays homage to the classic 8-bit gaming we all know and love from the 90’s and early 2000’s.

UFO gaming


@ UFO gaming

The UFO phenomenon has made its way onto the blockchain, it seems…

UFO Gaming is the new gaming experience you may not have heard of, and I’m excited to introduce it to you if that’s the case. UFOs are a Web3 gaming studio aiming to revolutionize gaming on the blockchain. While this is a pretty standard promise from most aspiring teams, we believe UFO Gaming will make a positive mark on the gaming space.

Currently on their site they have a total of 3 games that are being marketed on their site. They are:

  • supergalactic
  • The Dark Metaverse
  • horizon apex

All of these games have a space theme, which is natural given the name of the organization that promotes and develops them. They all also have the basic features of Web3 games such as:

  • Marketplaces in game
  • Token/NFT staking

Play-to-earn game modes

From the list above, the title that we really think will resonate most with gamers in 2023 is “Horizon Peak”. To adopt esports humbly as this game could be the equivalent of a blockchain Apex Legends, a game enjoyed by millions of people worldwide on both console and PC.

When you incorporate the lucrative features of Web3 games, one can only imagine the boundaries of an action-packed battle royale game like Horizon Apex that will be pushed in terms of gameplay, fan base, and competitiveness.

“UFO has become a well-known brand in the eSports industry and plans to continue scaling to attract a larger viewer and customer base.”

So far, the staking options through UFO Gaming are proving lucrative, according to the website Offer 40% APY on staked $UFO tokens. Over $2 million has been wagered and that number will continue to grow! Try it and learn more.

They have an NFT staking how-to video on their website, so familiarize yourself with the project and its staking processes before investing!

The convergence 2023


@ Jasports

Our third and final pick is a new Web3 gaming event/conference that has just been announced! It’s called “The Convergence 2023” and has behind it some of the biggest names in web3 and esports since its initial announcement.

Branded as “the biggest Web3 gaming to esports event”, there is much to be expected from this new venture. It was provided to us by Yesports, a company that is part of the infamous Polygon network that many blockchain gamers are now familiar with.

Ticket registration for this event is now live and live streamed via social media, making it extremely exclusive. So far it has received support from:

  • MetalCore (Web3 game)
  • LasMeta (VR Poker)
  • Fab World (Web3 Triple A Game Studio)
  • Infinity (esports team)
  • Hatches (CS:GO Streamers)
  • WLG (Emerging European Esports Team)

For the full list of past supporters of The Convergence 2023 event, visit their official website.

Although a 3-part conference, this event will span 2 months and will be conducted online. The following agenda was set:

  • Day 1: February 16 – Innovative onboarding from Web2 to Web3
  • Day 2: March 8th – Esports Fusion with Web3
  • Day 3: March 24 – Web3 Games Mini Tank Slots

It doesn’t stop there though, as the event’s website also features an exclusive “Collectibles” page, showing that a Yesports collectibles marketplace will be available soon.

For those interested in NFTs and collectibles of this nature, you can request early access to this feature.

Yesports is the largest Web3 esports engagement platform that will be at the forefront of the competitive gaming saga that will soon disrupt the blockchain. Esports as an industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry and will continue to grow in Web3.

While it’s good to remain skeptical, you can’t help but be excited about what’s to come in this niche area of ​​gaming, especially when you consider how successful and popular competitive Web3 gaming has already proven to be with companies like Farcana, EV . io and Axie Infinity tested, just to name a few…

There we have ours Top 3 picks for 2023. Check out all of our nominations and see for yourself what they have to offer.

As always, be responsible when investing in anything Web3 related and always do your research thoroughly!

Have fun playing!


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