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Top 10 Nexomon in Nexomon: Extinction, ranking

Nexomon: Extinction is a monster collecting and fighting game that walks the path that Pokemon paved before. Nexomon does a lot of original things while staying true to the core features of a good monster collecting game. But despite all the innovations, the genre still holds true, it’s all about the monsters.

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Nexomon: Extinction, like the original Nexomon, differs from Pokemon by focusing more on story and lore than the genre giant. This opens the gates to unique types of monsters, interesting dynamics between characters, and much more. There is one Nexomon of each of the nine types, each powerful under certain circumstances.


10 All nine starters

Unlike other games of the same genre, Nexomon is generous with its launch options, with nine options for the player. With all types available, this starter list is far from overwhelming. First off, the entrees are all impeccably designed, ranging from the spooky to the adorable and wild to the unforgiving.

The game does a great job of setting you up for success as none of the starters are weak. Each one is among the best Nexemon of its kind, Legendaries aside, so you really can’t go wrong here. Keep in mind that unlike Pokémon, you can find and catch these little monsters in the wild. So, a team of full starters is a viable option in Nexomon: Extinction.

9 Arqua, the tyrant of the seas

element hp attack defense speed staying power
water 47 34 37 18 20

Next comes Arqua, the fifth daughter of King Omicron and the tyrant of the seas. As a Water-type, Arqua has some excellent resistances, namely Fire, Mineral, and Spirit. While his stats aren’t crazy among other Legends, Arqua is still pretty strong.

What makes Arqua great is its tanking ability. With access to abilities like Freeze, Barrier, and Wave, Arqua can quickly become a nuisance. Arqua is at the bottom of the list and is a force to be reckoned with.

8th Ziegler, king of the underworld

element hp attack defense speed staying power
normal 47 34 37 18 20

It’s kind of odd to see Ziegler so low on the list, given his importance to the story and the supposed power he wields. Although its stats aren’t bad and it has fantastic abilities, Ziegler holds back that it’s typing normally.

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Being strong against no types while being weak against the useful Ghost & Psychic types really hurts Ziegler’s claim to power. Described as the king of the underworld, it is a being so ancient it may not even be a Nexomon. Unfortunately, it doesn’t live up to its flavorful hype in terms of game mechanics.

7 Boscage, Large drake of plants

element hp attack defense speed staying power
attachment 49 34 38 18 21

Boscage is the plant-type great dragon and one of the better of them. With impressive stats and decent typing, Boscage makes an excellent addition to any Legendary team looking for a Plant-type Nexomon.

His stat distribution is that of a tank instead of a fast attacker, which is usually preferable in Nexomon. It has access to excellent abilities like Solar Charge, Sonic Scream, and Forest Song; Boscage can dish out damage while crippling the opposing Nexomon and preventing it from doing much.

6 Dracon, the best of the great drakes

element hp attack defense speed staying power
Fire 50 34 37 18 19

The next Greater Drake on this list is Dracon, followed by his relative Boscage. Dracon has great HP, attack, and defense, all things that a decent tank would love to have. However, Dracon is more than just a decent tank and it is an incredible dragon to control.

With outstanding abilities like dissolution, martial arts and conflagration, Dracon will make short work of any unsuspecting enemy. Unfortunately, its speed isn’t the best, but since Fire is a decent defensive type in Nexomon, it makes up for it with its excellent offensive skills.

5 Krowr, an electrifying tank

element hp attack defense speed staying power
electric 47 36 38 18 20

Krowr is described as Ziegler’s frontline monster, ready to lay siege to any enemy strongholds. Krowr lives up to this description and is another great example of a tank, just like Dracon and Boscage. With great stats, Krowr is probably the best Electro guy in the game.

Electric is a mid-range guy with three strengths and three weaknesses. However, it can effectively hit the dangerous Psychic type, increasing Krowr’s usability.

4 Hexia, the strongest blowing wind type

element hp attack defense speed staying power
wind 45 45 25 24 27

Hexia is described as Ziegler’s most evil follower, and it shows. This deadly monster has impressive stats for a massive attacker. However, unlike some of the other Nexomon on this list, it also has decent speed while being able to hit fast and hard at the same time.

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Hexia could be higher on this list if it weren’t for the weaker Wind-type. Hexia is only strong against two types in Grass & Mineral while weak against Fire, Electric & Ghost holds Hexia back. However, it should say something about this dangerous monster that despite this disadvantage, it is one of the best Nexomon.

3 Titan, guardian of the underworld

element hp attack defense speed staying power
Spirit 51 39 42 9 20

Titan is said to have been created by Ziegler, who acts as the guardian of the underworld, maintaining the gates between the mortal world and Ziegler’s domain. However, Titan is so powerful that he is relegated to the role of bouncer.

First off, Titan has arguably the best offensive typing in Ghost. With beneficial interactions and impressive stats, Titan is an instantly dangerous tank that could plow through an entire team. It also has some useful options with the Absolute Barrier, Constrict, and Recover abilities. A Nexomon Swiss Army knife, Titan doesn’t even sacrifice power for versatility.

2 Omnisun, son of King Omicron

element hp attack defense speed staying power
clairvoyant 51 43 38 22 21

Omnisun, the evolved form of Solus, is the strongest psychic type in the game. With fantastic offensive stats and decent speed, Omnisun lives up to its title. Speaking of which, Omnisun is described as the heir of King Omnicron and is said to shape the future of the Nexomon world. So yes, good thing.

Omnisun shines thanks to its Psychic type. It’s one of the best offensive types, hitting Normal, Ghost & Electric for effective damage. It also has access to excellent abilities like the Broken Pendulum to incapacitate enemies, Kinetic Mirror to return damage, and Furious Focus to set itself up. Omnisun can easily take out multiple enemy Nexomon if left unactivated.

1 Braccus, tyrant king of the abyss

element hp attack defense speed staying power
mineral 60 42 45 10 35

Braccus is described as the strongest of the Abyssal Tyrants, and that goes without saying, considering Braccus is the strongest of the Nexomon Age. It’s described as leaving cities in ruins as it marches, and looking at those stats it’s chillingly believable.

Braccus has such high stats that you might get Mega Rayquaza flashbacks if you’re a Pokémon fan. Yes, its speed is lackluster, but who needs that when you’re a damage sponge? Braccus also benefits from being a Mineral-type as he has no weakness against common offensive types like Psychic or Normal. Braccus is an absolute menace and should make you tremble if you ever encounter him.

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