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Top 10 Let’s Play YouTubers for Fans to Watch

The 2022 holiday season will feature fantastic games such as Pokemon Scarlet & Violetand many YouTubers will visit their channels to show the latest games in all their depth.

Since the platform’s inception, YouTubers have played games for viewers to use as either walkthroughs or simply sources of entertainment. A great Let’s Player is charismatic and fun while also adding a bit of knowledge of their own. It’s a YouTuber style that can both entertain and educate people with their hobbies. Which Let’s Play players are really worth it?


TFS gaming

Fans may know TeamFourStar best for their creative work Dragon Ball Z shortened and her work Hellsing Ultimate abridged, two stars of the old abridged series fad that started with Yu-Gi-Oh! abridged.

Since graduating both Dragon Ball Z shortened and Hellsing abridged, TeamFourStar has mostly migrated to TFS Gaming, their Let’s Play channel, with over 740,000 subscribers. The genres they choose from are pretty eclectic, but they recently completed a playthrough Stranger of Paradise and did a full tabletop round avatar legends. Sometimes they even do skits as their old abridged DBZ characters.

married country

Popular Pokemon YouTuber Marriland is one of the faces of the PokeTuber scene. Not only is his channel a great source of content for the franchise, but he also has his own website for upcoming content: Marriland.com.

Marriland does both very traditionally Pokemon Let’s Plays and some specials Pokemon Challenge runs like Nuzlockes and Wedlockes. His runs are always very informative about the game and cover every base. TCG fans might also enjoy Marriland’s long-running channel, as it’s devoted to both card conversion and video game conversion.

Mrs. Wario

For those who don’t want to stick to a specific franchise but still want brand loyalty, Madame Wario is a Let’s Player dedicated primarily to Nintendo games.

Casual entertainment and good humor is the name of the game for the Madame Wario stream. In addition to her YouTube Let’s Plays of popular Nintendo games, she also has a presence on Twitch. Fans can search for streams from fall guys or mario party to enjoy if you want to support Madame Wario.


Shofu will only be known as PokeTuber to most viewers, but he’s actually a pretty versatile YouTuber and Twitch streamer, covering a wide variety of content.

First, Shofu is an avid Super Smash Bros Player. Shofu fans will find what they are looking for smash bros guide to interesting Pokemon Experiences like ROMhacks and unite Leader. Also, he has one thing no other Let’s Player has: rap music. Shofu’s anime and video game raps are surprisingly good and a unique aspect of his channel.

Yuni Gaming

Yuni Gaming is a Finnish YouTuber who has mainly focused on Let’s Plays throughout her career. This makes them more specialized than many YouTubers in this field, who usually release additional other genres of gaming videos.

Yuni Gaming plays a wide range of games, from cult classics to big blockbusters like their latest playthroughs: Outlast and Resident Evil. She’s a smaller YouTuber with around 2.4k subscribers, but she’s a fun personality who certainly deserves the same attention as some of the bigger YouTubers out there.


Markiplier is one of the most popular gaming YouTubers on the platform, and while it generally falls under the category, some of its content falters on the border of what qualifies as “let’s play” or not.

Markiplier has examples of both the traditional full Let’s Play, covering a game from start to finish. It also has shorter segments that merely highlight different games. Nevertheless, there is something for everyone in his videos. If the viewer can appreciate Markiplier’s distinct personality, they can appreciate most of his game content.

Pokemon Challenges

PokemonChallenges is a German YouTuber known for being the best nuzlocker in the world and his work is pretty much exclusively related to Pokemon Let’s plays and highlights.

Along with its other channel, PchalDaily, PokemonChallenges covers very difficult playthroughs Pokemon ROMhacks like Emerald Kaizo and Garbage Green. He uses the difficult Nuzlocke rules to make the games even more challenging. His channel and social media are certainly for an adult audience, but it’s a great experience for hardcore fans of the franchise.


MasaeAnela is a YouTuber who mainly focuses on Let’s Plays of Nintendo games. Most recently, she completed the final caning Yoshi’s woolly worldthe spiritual successor of Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

MasaeAnela currently has 128,000 subscribers and hopefully their playthroughs from Yoshi’s woolly world and Let’s go Pikachu can bring them to an even greater count. She has a great storytelling voice and her videos are entertaining for any Nintendo fan who wants to watch a fun and relaxing playthrough.


NintendoCapriSun, as the name suggests, is a YouTuber specializing in Nintendo content. Like many other Let’s Players, he is also a Twitch streamer. NintendoCapriSun in particular streams fairly consistently on Tuesdays and Fridays around 7pm EST.

NintendoCapriSun will certainly play newer games like its playthroughs Metroid horror that started about the time it came out. Most of the time, however, he is willing to play whatever he enjoys most. Which in itself is part of the charm of his channel. NintendoCapriSun is uncompromisingly NintendoCapriSun and always remains true to itself in its content.


Chuggaaconrooy is one of the most recognizable names in the Let’s Player scene, which has been active for quite some time. He is best known for his boisterous personality and great energy.

While Chuggaaconoy has played multiple genres from multiple platforms, it seems that Nintend0 is his passion. His youngest Xenoblade Chronicles 2 The playthrough lasted 220 episodes with a total duration of at least 20 minutes to an hour each. It might seem lengthy, but this in-depth coverage of a game, down to the last detail, is part of what makes Chuggaaconroy so great.

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