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Tom Cruise reviews The Flash after demanding early viewing of the DC movie

Praise from Tom Cruise The Lightning after demanding to see the upcoming DC movie early.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Top Gun: Maverick Star Tom Cruise recently met with David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery. During the meeting, the CEO mentioned how great The Lightning is, and Cruise asked to see it. A Warner Bros. Discovery employee reportedly brought the film to Cruise’s Beverly Hills home and stayed there until the actor was finished. After the screening was over and the employee returned the film to the studio, Cruise was so impressed with the film that he called director Andy Muschietti. According to insiders, Cruise had nothing but praise for the director, and told that so to Muschietti The Lightning is “everything you want in a movie” and that “this is the kind of movie we need right now”.

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The Flash film is widely praised ahead of its release

Cruise’s overwhelmingly positive comments regarding The Lightning a good sign for the DC movie. His comments also echo DC Studios’ co-CEO James Gunn’s recent praise for the film. “I’m saying that here Flash is probably one of the greatest superhero movies ever made,” Gunn claimed.

With Andy Muschietti behind the camera, The Lightning Controversial actor Ezra Miller will also reprise his role as the title character. Additionally, the official trailer promises that Michael Keaton’s Batman will play a central role in the film alongside Sasha Calle’s Supergirl. The recently published abstract for The Lightning reads,

“When Barry Allen arrives in 2013, he desperately seeks the expertise of his friend and mentor Bruce Wayne – but the one he finds in the multiverse is different on all fronts: older, long-retired from the service of Gotham City’s protector and somehow even tougher than the billionaire superhero Barry met. With a global threat on the horizon, Bruce Wayne must decide if he can become Batman again.”

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Tom Cruise’s success with Top Gun: Maverick

Since the release of Top Gun: Maverick in May 2022 and the overwhelming commercial and critical success that followed, Cruise is considered the savior of cinema and the cinematic experience. The much-anticipated top gun The sequel grossed over $1.4 billion at the box office, broke streaming records on Paramount+ and was even nominated for Best Picture at the 95th Academy Awards.

While Top Gun: Maverick during awards season, Steven Spielberg, one of Hollywood’s most critically acclaimed and commercially successful directors of all time, even went out of his way to tell Cruise that he saved Hollywood. “You saved Hollywood’s ass, and maybe you saved theatrical distribution, too. Seriously,” Spielberg told the actor. “loner might have saved the entire theater industry.”

The Lightning opens in cinemas on June 16, 2023.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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