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Tips, variations and how to make it

To put it simply, Chili is a pot of satisfaction. What’s not to love about hearty beef simmered in a tangy, smoky tomato-based sauce with warming spices, floral herbs, flavors and tender beans, if you like? There’s a lot of debate as to whether or not there should be beans in chili, but it’s pretty tasty either way.

Scoop it into bowls, scoop it over nachos, scoop it out of bread bowls or baked potatoes, or scoop it over hot dogs. Beef chili can be enjoyed in countless ways, and there are many additions and toppings.

The recipe below is a classic, with caramelized beef, soft and plump beans, and a thick, rich sauce to tie it all together.

What type of meat should you use for chili?

Use lean beef, but not super lean meat. The best ground beef for chili has some fat, so 85% lean meat is ideal. Don’t be tempted to use extra-lean beef or skim off the fat after the meat has browned. The fat bastes the meat as it cooks, adding richness to the sauce and keeping the meat moist.

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