The Metaverse is an idea that excites and captivates many users and video game companies and technology in general. While many believe it’s almost out of reach, the Epic Games boss thinks it’s entirely doable, but the only thing standing in the way is Apple.

Tim Sweeney, Founder and CEO of Epic Games, was present at the Games Developer Conference 2023 (GDC 2023) and unveiled a new way to play Fortnite: allowing users to unleash their creativity with a mode and extremely sophisticated creation tools, as if they were modifications.

Also unveiled as part of the event is Fab, an “open store” where assets and other creation tools that would support “any Metaverse-inspired game” can be found.

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Apple stands between Epic Games and its vision of the metaverse had a chance to chat with Sweeney and in it he talked about how the above is another step Epic Games is taking towards achieving the unified vision of the metaverse that it believes is something feasible and that; In fact, the video game industry is “the perfect place for an open system because there’s no established entity that can dictate the terms.”

However, Sweeney says the only obstacle on the way is Apple, as he believes it is a company striving for dominance and resists the idea of ​​an open system to such an extent that market power and hardware be used to achieve this.

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“They will either attempt to thwart the metaverse or extract their profits. One or the other,” said Sweeney, who recalled that the Cupertino company doesn’t make it easy to use items outside of its ecosystem and gave an example of what would happen in the metaverse. metaverse if I participated in it.

“So you can say, ‘You have to use Apple’s limited engine, you can’t use yours, you can’t use Unreal.’ You can change all the platform rules tomorrow and kill everything everyone is doing, and that’s why we need really strong antitrust (laws). And that’s why we’re fighting hard,” Sweeney said, referring to Epic Games’ lawsuit with Apple.

“The other challenges that I think we can handle,” Sweeney concluded.

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