Tigers Worst Nightmare: Ecstatic Golf World Reacts to Taylor Swift’s Iconic Moment From The Eras Tour’s First Show

Taylor Swift has kicked off her latest tour with the first concert in Glendale, Arizona. synced’The Epoch Tour“, the upcoming concert series will include songs from all their previous albums from different eras. While the first Arizona event may have been a masterpiece, it was a golf-related moment that took over the internet.

Swift hasn’t toured since 2018 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For this reason, the singer has not toured for her last three albums. But she decided to offer her fans a show with songs from all her past albums. As she sings her most remarkable song ‘blank space‘ Swift brought a golf club onto the stage, illuminating the fans.

The golf world reacts to Taylor Swift bringing a club onto the stage


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The singer performed at a sold-out State Farm Arena in Glendale, Arizona. While reminiscing about songs from her previous albums, Swift then began singing songs from her album.1989‘, released in 2014. One of the most notable songs from the album was ‘space’, which topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart for seven weeks.

Though the song’s lyrics, featuring Taylor Swift’s melodious voice, may have won hearts, it was the song’s video that many golf fans remember the singer for. At the end of the Blank Space music video, Taylor can be seen smashing her boyfriend’s car with a golf club. Nine years after the video was released, Swift paid tribute to the iconic scene in her final concert on the Eras Tour.

While singing “Blank Space” in Glendale, the 33-year-old brought along a pink golf club. Though it may have wowed audiences at State Farm Arena, golf fans at home had a humorous take on the video. “Why is she holding a 7 iron?‘ one fan asked, while the other wrote: ‘Tiger’s worst nightmare”.


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Another user trolled the singer’s pink golf club with the celebrity golf equipment brand, commenting: “Wow, so that was done by Taylor“. One user gave Swift a pro golf tip on ‘protects the ankles‘. Another comment questioned Taylor’s golf skills by asking: “Yes, but can she putt?“. Is she good at golf? It is still unknown.

Still, it’s great to see that nine years after the 1989 album’s release, Taylor Swift is still carrying the golf club. Maybe the golf world sees Swift with an iron a lot more for the upcoming concerts in ‘The Epoch Tour‘. What do you think of Taylor with a golf club? Let us know in the comments section below.


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