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This player creates a “Minecraft” cosmos and the fans are impressed by it

A “Minecraft” has recreated the entire cosmos in the game. The entire community has been amazed at what they’ve seen so far, and even Xbox has run out of words for the “blocky” version of the universe.

What does a Minecraft universe look like?

This player creates a

(Photo: u/ChrisDaCow)
A Minecraft player showed some glimpses of an entire universe he made in the game along with a galactic soundtrack.

According to a report by Gamerant, a popular YouTuber named ChrisDaCow has posted his own creative take on the entire universe, but this time in a “Minecraft” style.

On Reddit, the blogger managed to create a stellar representation of various celestial bodies in the universe, including stars, planets, and galaxies. Speaking of the cosmos, we’re talking about its entirety, which means you can even see the nebula, black hole, and other major galactic entities in their “blocky” state.

In his short video, he showed a glimpse of life outside of Earth. In fact, coming up with this idea wasn’t an easy task, especially during the months he spent laying out and designing it.

ChrisDaCow said it took him two months to recreate the Minecraft universe so this was no joke and just pure hard work on his part. He added that he only used WorldEdit and OptiFine for the whole process and of course the game itself.

The Minecraft blogger went on to say that he used the “much simpler” option to recreate Earth in his own universe. Although it wasn’t as accurate as the original, he made sure the colors of the planets were realistic. The coloring process alone took three days.

After sculpting the planet in its own space, ChrisDaCow, along with the sun, built the solar system. He struggled to form Saturn and it took him a day to put the rings around him.

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Xbox was impressed with ChrisDaCow’s “Minecraft” cosmos

Gamesradar noticed that fans and the wider community aside, the official Xbox UK Twitter account couldn’t help but praise the beautifully crafted universe in the game.

“Go back to bed, nothing you do today will be this good,” Xbox UK tweeted.

At this point, ChrisDaCow’s picture posted on Reddit already had more than 112,000 upvotes. The 42-second clip is truly a boon to any die-hard Minecraft fan who has loved the game since its release.

Apparently he’s not the first person to build the entire universe in Minecraft. Last time SrMustard recreated Sagittarius A – a black hole in transit.

Minecraft isn’t just about games. Last month, Mojang partnered with Nick’s to launch the real Minecraft ice cream, available in four different flavors.

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