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This Oklahoma city is considered the safest city in the state

This Oklahoma city was just named the safest city in the entire Sooner State for 2022. If you are looking for a place to live, or maybe to visit, you will hardly find a better place than this. Not only is it the safest, it’s also one of the friendliest cities in Oklahoma, and has been for a number of years.

Congratulations to Elgin, OK. for being named Oklahoma’s safest city for 2022. This marks Elgin’s fourth consecutive OK. Being named the safest city in the state is quite an achievement.

The study by www.safewise.com lists the 20 safest cities in Oklahoma and Elgin once again tops the list! The study examines crime statistics and other details to rank cities and towns across the state.

Click play in the video below to see the safest cities and communities in Oklahoma for 2022

The totals show a violent crime rate of 4.6 per 1,000 and a property crime rate of 27.1 per 1,000. Not very good numbers or results, but things are improving for the Sooner State, and we’ve seen a slight drop in crime rates over the past year. We’re moving in the right direction and crime rates are improving.

There are places in Oklahoma with far lower crime rates that are not only the lowest in the state, but are well below the national average. Elgin, okay. is one such place. Click here to view the full study from www.safewise.com. It lists the 20 safest cities in the entire Sooner State. The study or report also contains all sorts of other details and valuable information about crime statistics and other statistics.

Take a scenic flight over Elgin, OK. the safest city in Oklahoma for 4 years in a row

Elgin is a great place, I go there quite often. Most recently for their annual Crawds N’ Rods car show and crawfish boil. Elgin is also home to one of my favorite pizza places of all time, Pizza Coral. It’s a great place to visit, shop and eat. If you’ve never been there, or if it’s been a while, you should definitely make the trip.

7 cities in Oklahoma rank among America’s worst “small” cities

A recent study ranked all of America’s smaller cities, and 12 hometowns on the list were from here in Oklahoma. The expected nicer communities were ranked comfortably in the middle, but over half were listed as some of the worst in the country.

Top 10 Most Popular Carry Guns in Oklahoma

Check out the top 10 most popular carry guns in the Sooner State. While there is a wide variety of everyday use (EDC) firearms and calibers, the handguns listed below are among the most commonly purchased and used personal and home defense weapons in Oklahoma. These models and brands account for the majority of gun sales in the state and are among the most popular choices for EDC or Home Defense (HDW) guns. If you’re looking for a quality, reliable EDC/HDW, these are all solid picks. Which makes them the most popular by default. WARNING: Before loading, carrying and/or missing a firearm, obtain adequate training and instruction in firearm safety rules and practice safe firearm handling. This is not the time to learn what to do and how to do it when your safety and life depend on it. BE SURE!

See how the ten most dangerous cities in Oklahoma rank

While some of Oklahoma’s most dangerous cities aren’t absolute shockers, there are some real surprises on this top ten list.

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