This film just hit #1 on Netflix – and critics and audiences are divided

Netflix has a brand new #1 movie, but it’s getting a critical reception that’s definitely more fishy than fresh. This is a far cry from the streamer’s first high-profile dud of 2022, this Rebel Wilson vehicle joins The Bubble and 365 Days: This Day as Netflix movies to hit the most watchlists despite being critically mistreated.

The film is called Senior Year and Wilson plays Stephanie Conway, a high school student who falls into a coma in 2002 after a prank gone haywire. Two decades later, now at the age of 37, Stephanie wakes up and returns to school to get her diploma. But while slang and cliques have changed, Stephanie most certainly hasn’t. The comedy film hit Netflix on May 13 and went straight to #1 in both the US and UK, edging out true-crime documentary Our Father.

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