This amazing Pokémon fanart gives Eevee evolutions a new mech form

If you’ve ever wondered what Eevee evolutions, aka Eeveelutions, would look like if they were a bit more mechanical, an artist has you covered.

Shunixe, an artist on Pokémon’s subreddit, released a series of Eevelutions as mecha versions of themselves on February 7th

The post has been well received by fans and the designs are compared to similar ones Horizon: Zero Dawn and nostalgic anime, Zoids.

One eagle-eyed Redditor even noticed that the artist used Umbreon’s shiny model instead of the normal one, indicating the bluish secondary color used in the illustration instead of a yellowish one.

As the title of the Reddit post suggests, the next and final evolution on the list will be Leafeon. With such positive feedback, you can almost guarantee Leafeon will draw attention.

A little snooping around the artist’s account reveals they’re in too monster hunter and drew illustrations of monsters from the game in mecha form. Monsters like Tobi-Kadachi and Mizutsune have received this treatment.

This isn’t the first time an artist has transformed Pokémon into a different style. Game Freak actually makes it easier through Ditto using its copy ability. But you just can’t ignore the fact that these are great pieces of community art.


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