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This 262-foot explorer concept by Bonkers features a massive glass-bottomed pool suspended above the dining table

Jay Aberdoni flips the script on the classic explorer yacht.

The Spaniard, who was senior designer at Alberto Mancini Yacht Design before starting his own business, has just unveiled a new 262-foot boat that shifts the focus from exploring the high seas to exploring the yacht itself.

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Dubbed the Prelude, the concept has a modern, minimalist profile with clean, sleek lines. Though it has the imposing proportions of a research vessel, the streamlined design is free of unnecessary clutter. Most notably, the large toy and tender garages typically found on explorers have been replaced with huge, open plan living areas.

Another noticeable change is the Beach Club in the stern. Aberdoni says it has more in common with a New York City penthouse than a traditional swim platform. In fact, the double-height glass structure is laid out like an upscale duplex, with a lounge area, interior garden, fire pit, bar and of course, prime views of the sea.

Prelude Explorer Yacht Concept interior

The inside of Prelude.

The interior design is also as chic as a Manhattan block, with a good dose of Scandinavian style. Think a subtle white color palette, sleek contemporary furniture, and sculptural light fixtures throughout. Prelude features six lavish cabins that collectively accommodate up to 12 guests, as well as crew quarters for 18. The owner’s suite takes up the lion’s share of the upper deck and features a long, foldable balcony creating a private lounge. That’s not the only expanding part of Prelude, either. Collapsible platforms run along each side of the ship, allowing you to create more space if needed.

The real showpiece of Prelude is the glass-bottomed pool. It not only acts as the centerpiece of the spacious upper deck but also creates an impressive visual for the guests below. Beneath the pool, the main deck dining room and lounge feature undulating wood panels designed to mimic the shape of the waves above.

Foreplay explorer yacht concept pool

The swimming pool with a glass bottom.

Elsewhere, the Prelude’s sundeck offers comfortable seating and uninterrupted views, while the bow is outfitted with a hot tub and sunpads. To top it off, the ship’s touch-and-go helipad transforms into another lounge area once the helicopter is in the air.

Aberdoni tells Robb report No propulsion system is defined for this project, which means that potential owners could intervene. Diesel, hybrid or electric? That is the question.

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Prelude Explorer Yacht concept

Prelude Explorer Yacht concept

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