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Do you want to make your life easier? Consider robotic assistance. These AI machines do garden, house and office work. Check them out on the blog.

Love the idea of ​​having a robot help you at home or at work? So do we, because these floors won’t wipe themselves. That’s why we’re compiling our favorite robots to make your life easier. From vacuum robots to delivery robots, these machines do the hard work for you.

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Can you imagine a robot clearing snow from your driveway? This is possible with the Snowbot S1. It autonomously navigates your territory, throwing snow in even heaps.

Then if you work in construction, the new HP SitePrint is quite interesting. It quickly prints digital layouts on floors, saving employees valuable time and effort.

Spend your time doing what you love while these robots do the rest.

1. The Pudu Robotics FlashBot intelligent delivery robot brings stationery, coffee and more from place to place with innovative technology.

These robots will make your life easier than ever
Pudu Robotics FlashBot in color options

Need to transport a laptop to the other side of your office building? You don’t have to go yourself when you have Pudu Robotics’ FlashBot smart delivery robot. It transports items between places and can even ride the elevator without people.

The price of this gadget is TBA. Submit a request on the official website.

2. The ClicBot programming robot for kids encourages logical thinking and STEM skills. With endless configurations, it’s a great friend.

ClicBot with a child

Give your child a companion and encourage coding skills with the ClicBot Kids Programming Robot. It has a modular design that your kids can customize. It even sniffs like a puppy when your child sees it.

Get it for $499.99 from the official website.

3. The gitamini cargo-carrying robot carries groceries, books, bags and more up to 20 pounds and takes the weight off your shoulders.

Gita and Gitamini
Gitamini in a shopping district

If you need help carrying items, the Gitamini transport robot is there for you. It transports equipment weighing up to 20 pounds a distance of up to 21 miles. Using cameras and radar, it can detect your presence and follow you. It’s one of our favorite robots to make your life easier.

Get it for $1,850 from the official website.

4. With the ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 PLUS robot vacuum, you can relax while it vacuums and mops your floors. Check in while you’re on the go with the camera.


leave him ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 PLUS Robot Vacuum Cleaner Clean your floors while you do other things. This powerful and precise robot creates a map of your home. It even freshens the air and has a front camera.

Get it for $749 from the official website.

5. The HP SitePrint robot draws construction plans on floors quickly and accurately, increasing productivity and leveraging expertise.

These robots will make your life easier than ever
HP SitePrint robot in yellow

Make your construction team more efficient with the HP SitePrint robot. It autonomously prints building footprints on floors and can outline doors, walls and more. According to HP, it completes a layout in a fraction of a human’s time, which is why it made our list of robots that make your life easier.

This robot is coming soon and its price is TBA. Visit the official website for more information.

6. The Anki Vector 2.0 home robot is super cute. He will answer questions, take photos, tell you the weather and much more. It’s like having an assistant at home.

Anki Vector 2.0 in one video

Ready for an innovative home robot? Meet the home robot Anki Vector 2.0. This helpful little robot is aware of its surroundings and can even interact with them. With a Qualcomm 200 platform, a 4-mic array, and an HD camera, it has some pretty advanced tech.

Get it for $399.99.

7. Yarbo’s Snowbot S1 Pro smart snow blower robot clears snow from your driveway so you can stay inside where it’s warm.

Yarbo Snowbot S1 Pro in one video

With Yarbo’s Snowbot S1 Pro smart snow blower, you’ll never have to shovel snow again. In fact, the app lets you set multiple snow removal schedules and customize your cleaning areas without stepping out in the cold.

This gadget is coming soon and its price is TBA. Contact the official website for more information.

8. Landroid 20V robot lawn mower will take care of your gardening with its intelligent AIA navigation and cognitive auto-planning.

These robots will make your life easier than ever
Landroid 20V in Orange

Gardening doesn’t have to be your side job anymore when you have the Landroid 20V robotic lawnmower. It confidently navigates your garden without unnecessary movements and keeps your lawn spotless. It also cuts according to the growth rate of your lawn.

Get it for $999.99 from the official website.

9. The EEVE Willow outdoor robot mows the lawn, guards at night and shreds and collects leaves, making your garden work easier.

EEVE Willow
EEVE Willow in white

The EEVE Willow outdoor robot is another of our favorite robots that will make your life easier. This compact lawnmower recognizes people, objects and pets. It also takes care of leaves and monitors your home at night.

Reserve it for $2,990 on the official website.

10. The AI ​​robot animal Living.ai Emo cheers you up at your desk with dance moves, music and games. It even answers your questions.

Life ai Emo
Living.ai Emo on a mini skateboard

Brighten up your workday with the Living.ai Emo robotic AI pet. This cheerful robotic companion is curious about its world and moves autonomously to explore its surroundings. It tracks objects, recognizes up to 10 people and has fall detection.

Get it for $279 from the official website.

Robots like these get the job done and help you live more efficiently. Which one would you like to own? Let us know in the comments section.

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