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These 5 games work on any PC

Many video games are platform specific and won’t work for cross-platform or PC play, but here are five games that will work on any PC.

PC gaming has experienced a meteoric rise in recent years and gamers are always looking for the latest and greatest technology to get the best possible performance. The library of games available on PC surpasses any game console on the market, and even “exclusive” consoles are now moving to the PC platform, having been updated and overhauled to offer an even better gaming experience. Unsurprisingly, some of the best PC games are among the most memorable and greatest games of all time. There is so much to the platform and with the rate at which technology is becoming more powerful, the PC gaming market is far outpacing any console in production.


However, not all PCs are created equal and can run every running game. Some of the best PC games of all time can be quite demanding and have high system requirements. Here are some PC games with the lowest requirements that can be played on (almost) any PC.

Fourteen days


Fortnite has become one of the biggest games in recent memory and is incredibly popular with younger viewers. One of the best things about Fortnite is the very low system requirements, meaning you can play it on pretty much any modern PC. It’s popularity also makes it onto our list of the best PC games of all time. Fortnite is a battle royale game with a twist. The game lets you gather and build resources, meaning you can instantly build cover anywhere on the map.



Another game with very low system requirements that has been hailed as one of the best PC games of all time is Minecraft. This game is one of the best-selling games of all time and still has millions of players even today, even though it was released back in 2011. The premise of Minecraft is pretty simple and straightforward. You just survive, collect resources and build. But the possibilities and replayability of Minecraft are truly unlimited and only limited by your own imagination and creativity. Minecraft could be the #1 PC game of all time.

portal 2


Portal 2 is known by gamers all over the world. It’s an interactive puzzle-solving game where you use portals to transport yourself across the map with surprisingly difficult puzzles. In addition, there is an incredible story to follow and play. Hailed as one of the best single-player campaigns of all time, Portal 2 earns this game a spot on the list of the best PC games of all time. This PC game is quite old, released in 2011, so it has very low requirements. That means it can be played on almost any PC, or possibly even your laptop.

Between us


Among Us is probably the lowest requirement PC game considering it is also a mobile game and due to its incredibly low PC requirements it can be played on pretty much any device. Among Us is a game of deceit, lies and stealth. You play as a team to complete various tasks to win the game, but among you is a traitor whose task is to kill all crew members without getting caught and convince others that the traitor is someone whole other is.

Age of Empires 2


One of the most popular PC games of all time is Age of Empires 2, an epic strategy game that seems relatively simple at first glance, but is quite complex and requires high-level strategy. A low-requirement PC game, Age of Empires 2 is relatively easy to play on any PC and is another viable option for laptop play.

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