The ultimate guide to selling Pokémon cards

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Listing your kids toys online is a good idea if you want to make a pretty penny these days. Pokémon merch, for example, can net you thousands of dollars if you play your cards right. It turns out that some fans still have to catch them all.

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Here’s everything you need to know to offer your share of these nostalgic collectibles to the highest bidder.

How to sell your Pokemon cards

You may not own any Trophy Editions unless you were an avid tournament entrant. Still, your regular Pokémon cards can bring you a lot of money if they have certain traits. Some collectors have made hundreds of dollars – if not thousands – from a single Pokémon card trade.

To determine if your card is worth money, you can search websites and trading forums that sell cards. Remember that the condition of your card has a big impact on the final price. If you find your card is valuable, you can offer it on a reliable digital marketplace like TCGplayer, eBay or CGC Castle. Make sure you are extremely detailed when creating your listing and if you include a photo it should clearly show the map and its details.

Which Pokémon cards are worth money?

The first step to making your small fortune is dusting off your old Pokémon cards and picking the right ones to sell. Here are the most valuable Pokémon cards you might actually own:



market price

Charizard star

delta species


Rayquaza Star



Blastoise Shadowless

basic set



plasma storm


Kyogre star

delta species


The information is current January 24, 2023.

Who buys Pokemon cards these days?

The Pokémon craze is real. In 2021, YouTuber Logan Paul bought about $2 million worth of Pokémon cards, and the year before, former rapper Logic paid over $180,000 for a rare Charizard card during an auction. On the sales side, NFL linebacker Blake Martinez sold a rare Pokémon card for $672,000 in November 2022, prompting his decision to retire from the NFL and start a new company that finds and flips rare Pokémon cards.

Celebs and pro athletes aren’t the only ones interested in becoming the ultimate Pokémon masters. People across the internet are excited to bid on these valuable memorabilia. If you’re new to selling Pokémon cards, the process might seem a little daunting, but before you give it the hard way, think about the potential rewards.

How can you tell how much your Pokémon cards are worth?

Some online ticketing sites have databases that list ticket prices and other relevant information. Some even have automated systems to find the exact card you’re looking for.

When in doubt, look for specialized Pokémon trading forums. This is the quickest way to ask your fellow sellers and collectors how much a card is worth.

What factors determine the value of a Pokémon card?

Newer cards are usually not worth much as collectors can still easily find them on the market. The three main factors that determine the ultimate retail value of your older Pokémon cards are:

  • Pokémon type

  • scarcity

  • Condition

Pokémon cards from the original 1999 base set are the oldest and rarest. A full deck of the base set can sell for as much as $10,000. This set contains 102 cards featuring popular classic Pokémon such as:

  • Pikachu

  • Charizard

  • Please refer

  • pidgey

  • Squirtle

Rarest Pokemon Cards

Some Pokémon cards have a special value, including:

Rarity symbols on Pokémon cards

All Pokémon cards have an icon that indicates how rare they actually are. You can find it in the lower right corner of the map. The three main rarity symbols are:

  • Circles: This symbol means that the card is ordinary.

  • diamonds: This symbol means that the card is quite unusual.

  • Stars: This symbol means that the card is rare and more valuable.

If your card’s collector number is higher than the actual number of cards in the deck, it’s probably a secret card, which means it’ll sell for more money.

Where can you sell your Pokemon cards?

You can sell your Pokémon cards on digital marketplaces or even pawn shops. If you choose to sell Pokémon cards on the digital marketplace, be very meaningful in your offers. Make sure you don’t omit a detail, as failure to do so could make or break a sale.

What is the best website for selling Pokémon cards?

Sites selling Pokémon cards are popping up on the internet by the minute, and some are more reliable than others. Don’t always trust the first website that comes up when you search. Play it safe and try these options instead:

  • eBay

  • troll and toad

  • card market

  • card cave

  • TCG player

  • CGC lock

  • Facebook Marketplace

Do Pawnbrokers Buy Pokemon Cards?

You’ll probably have a harder time getting pawnshops to take your common cards, but if you have some rare pieces, go for it! Make sure you know how much you want for your items beforehand, and do a quick Google search to find pawn shops that sell Pokémon cards in your area.

Start selling your prized Pokémon cards today

Selling Pokémon cards shouldn’t be an unnecessary headache for you. However, in order to make the most profit possible, you must always make informed decisions.

Bring away

Regardless of whether you deal your cards online or in person, make sure you follow basic security rules to avoid fraud and other surprises.

Take your time with your research and don’t accept the first offer that comes your way. You’d be surprised how much your Pokémon cards can actually sell.


If you’re still not sure if your Pokémon cards are worth anything, the following information can put your doubts to rest.

  • How to spot a fake Pokemon card?

    • Fake Pokémon cards have many elements that give them away, including spelling and grammatical errors. Before attempting to sell a suspicious-looking Pokémon card, check the quality of the card material, the ink colors and effects, the shape and size of the text, and the cleanliness of the card edges. When in doubt, compare your card to others you own that are 100% original.

  • How do you get your Pokémon cards professionally rated?

  • Is my Pokémon card worth money?

  • Can you make money selling Pokemon cards?

    • Yes, you can make money from selling Pokémon cards. Making it a successful side business takes a lot of time and dedication to research, listing, and frequenting flea markets and online marketplaces to find cards to buy.

  • How do I sell my Pokemon cards in 2023?

    • After you’ve determined that you have a worthwhile card, consider listing it on a reliable online marketplace such as eBay, CGC Castle, Card Cavern, or TCGPlayer.

Cynthia Measom contributed coverage for this article.

Information is correct as of January 24, 2023.

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